Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Small, Small World's a world of laughter, a world of tears
its a world of hopes, its a world of fear
there's so much that we share
that its time we're aware
its a small world after all...

If my brother read this blog, he would probably be covering his ears right now as this song brings back horrible Disneyland memories for him.  If he is reading this (uhh, doubtful) - I love you, Joshy.

Moving on. 

I should start by saying (more, reiterating) that Ryan is from Illinois.  We met post-college while working for Wells Fargo Financial.  He moved up here to Washington to be with me two years ago.

His cousin Brian, (on the Peters' side) is from Missouri.  Where exactly in Missouri, I am not currently sure... But, Missouri nonetheless.  Brian met his wife Chelsea online through a faith/religion based dating site.  In February, they welcomed their first child, Everett.  This August they will be celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary.

Brian and Chelsea on Christmas Eve

Why am I blogging about Ryan's cousin?

Because Brian's wife Chelsea is from Mercer Island, WA.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the geography of the Pacific Northwest, is just over an hour from where I was raised, in Bremerton.

How crazy is that?

Two men from the same Midwestern family...

Marry ladies from the same general area of Western Washington.

What are they odds? 
(Apparently with the growth of online dating - pretty darn good)

It's a small, small world, I tell ya!

It gets better.

Brian just graduated from law school in Oklahoma City, and they (Brian, Chelsea and baby Everett) packed up and moved themselves to Olympia, WA to be closer to Chelsea's family.  Olympia is an hour south of Ryan and I in Bremerton. We drove down to Olympia on Monday afternoon to visit and help get them settled.  The entire drive I kept thinking how incredible it is that Brian and Chelsea moved here, and that Ryan now has his own family close by. 

The whole thing is totally random, but totally awesome.

I can't wait to see them more often and watch Mister Everett grow and grow.  Did I mention this three-month old baby is about the size of a six-month old baby?  Yup.

Take Luck,

Monday, May 30, 2011

Melt My Heart

My little sister, Rachel was in town so we hopped over to Josh and Haley's to see them and the munchkins.  It was a great afternoon to be outside so we made good use of the princess house, slide and various sports equipment that were in the yard.

These kids melt my heart.  Period.  

I just want to scoop them up, kiss their cheeks and hug, hug, hug them.  

Oh wait, I do that.

When were inside, Riley and I were playing a "game" where he would walk over to my left side and I would "RAWWR" at him.  Then he'd walk over to my right side and I would "RAWWR" at him again.  We continued this game for a few minutes.  Before I knew it, he was RAWWRing right back at me and puffing out his cheeks, looking super tough.

Cutest. Kids. Ever.

Aunt Rachel with Riley Boy

A super ferocious and terrifying, "RAWWR"

High five sequence #1

High five sequence #2

High five sequence #3.  High five complete.

Happy Memorial Day!

Take Luck,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Little Si - Trek Two

Hubby and I trekked Little Si again, and this time was even better than the first.  There was hardly anyone on the trail head (with the exception of a few slugs) so the whole hike was really quiet.  We got to take in and soak up being in the wilderness and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  This time I remembered to bring my camera, so got to take some pictures along the way.  This trek I also remembered to pack water and some snacks... Imagine that.

It took us about an hour and a half to get to the summit, and another hour to get back down.  If you live in the PNW, this is a hike I would highly, highly recommend.

This hike was a great kick-off to our Memorial Day weekend. 

Take Luck,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yellow Monster

... Otherwise known as the vacuum.

Brock and Sonny are both slightly terrified of the vacuum cleaner.  And by slightly, I mean totally.  It doesn't even have to be on and they will run in the other direction.  It seems like any time I vacuum, Sonny cowers and ultimately gets stuck in a corner of one of the rooms and I have to turn off the vacuum so she can scurry out.  Even as she runs away she keeps her eyes on the yellow monster to make sure it doesn't vroom to life and come after her.

Our vacuum has several attachments.  And when you put them on, the game and the yellow monster change... At least for Brock.  I guess in Brock's mind, the vacuum cleaner becomes less dangerous and more like a big yellow toy that sucks air.  Every time I use the attachments he freaks out and I tell myself, "I need to get this on video."

Well, tonight I did.

I apologize for the loudness of the vacuum.  You probably can't even hear him growling at it.  I'm surprised one of his jowls didn't get sucked up in there.   

As soon as I turned the vacuum off and was wheeling it into the closet, he took off running scared again.  

What a weird-o.  

Take Luck,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super Fly

The other day, my friend (in real life, no less), Sarah kindly bestowed the Stylish Blogger award upon me and Chasing Cars, Hearts and Seahorses.  How sweet!  I feel so special... Sort of :)

As part of the award, you are supposed to list seven facts about yourself, and pass the Stylish Blogger award onto someone else.

Without further ado.

I love Panera Bread.  Each visit I order the same thing - You Pick Two: Cup of Chicken Noodle Soup, 1/2 Caesar Salad, French Baguette.

My daddio and my father-in-law are both named Danny.

I have a scar in between my thumb and index finger of my left hand.  I got this scar while trying to cut open a thing of string cheese at my Grammy's with scissors.  I missed.  Apparently this was before they created the easy pull apart tops.

Another fun food fact.  I love Subway.  I eat my Subway sandwiches in a very peculiar way (shocking, I'm sure!).  First I eat the pickles, then the cheese.  The turkey comes next.  And finally, the bread... All by itself.

My little sister and I love musicals.  Our song is Super Trouper from Mamma Mia (starring my favorite, Meryl). 

I have killer hitchhiker thumbs.  They gross Ryan out, and I love it.

My ears stick out a little bit.  Luckily, they are small so the sticking-out-ness is a little less noticeable.  Ryan says they are my satellites and that it why I have such super-sonic hearing capabilities.

I would like to give this award to: 
and Tawny at Captain and Clark  

Take Luck,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Exit Strategy

Sonny has a new favorite way of getting out of the house and into the backyard.

Yup, the screen door.

The little ho-ski discovered a section of the poor screen door that was taped to keep closed.  It only took one time of her wriggling her snout through and she was hooked.  We can't just leave the screen door shut anymore because she will escape.  It is inevitable because she is one sneaky, mischievous lady.  

I guess one positive is that when she does escape, and I yell at her to come back inside... I don't have to open the door to let her in. 

I'm not positive, but I am pretty sure it is time to replace the screen door.

Take Luck,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Open Letter

Dear Cubical Neighbor,

It would be so super if you could refrain from clipping your fingernails while sitting at your humble cube.  The sound literally shivers-me-timbers and it is a little gross.  It is a really good thing that these cubicle walls are tall and I do not know who you are... Because if I did, you would quickly be introduced to "the look."  There is a reason why we have restrooms stationed around our building - to take care of these personal hygiene matters in private.  Mmk?

Birdies and dirty looks,
Cube 152


Dear Bathroom Door,

You make the most awful squeeking noise when you get pushed open too far.  The sound and pitch is so piercing that I now only open you far enough to where I can barely squeeze through.  Anyone that sees me from the hallway must think that I am playing a riveting game of 007.

Dreaming of WD-40,
Bond, Jane Bond

Take Luck,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Dog Lady

That's me.  I'm the dog lady.
I blog about my dogs because I don't have mini-mes.
How do you do?
Oh wait, let me wipe Brock's drool-slobber off of my arm and pants before we embrace in hugging.

Since Ryan and I don't have little ones yet, and won't for awhile, Brock and Sonny are our babies.  And whether you have been reading this blog for one day or for the last month, that is probably pretty obvious.  I don't know how many (and probably would be really depressed to count) blog posts I have written that involve or are about these two.  They are so darn cute and funny, and such a big part of our little family that it is really hard not to include them so often.  Brock and Sonny are what I practice my "photography skills" on.  How else am I going to take super-fabulous pictures of our little childrens when that time comes?

 Practice makes perfect.
Or is it perfect practice makes perfect?
Uh, moving on.

Brock is so silly that I think he thinks that I am playing with him when I'm trying to take his picture.

Sonny on the other hand, is totally onto my shenanigans and like the little ho-ski she is, turns her head to the side and points her little dachshund snout into the air.  Although, it doesn't take much coaxing and sweet talk for her to work the camera.  The word "treat" doesn't hurt either.

In my post a few days ago, Sonny Saturdays I talked about how much Brock and Sonny love their kiddy pool.  We have been having such gorgeous weather the last few days that we have been spending our evenings outside.  Ryan has been painting his bags set boxes in St. Louis Cardinals and Seattle Mariners theme (which I'm sure I will post about once they are finished), so the four of us have been outside together, soaking up the glory. 

Here's a look at our Tuesday (and now Wednesday) prevening (according to Sheldon on Big Bang Theory) in the backyard...

Our neighbors lilac tree/bush is blooming and spilling over the fence and into our yard.
I love it, Ryan hates it.

Brock loving the swimming pool.

This is what happens when you throw his ball in the pool... If he's not laying in it already.

Mmmm... Budweiser.

Sweet Sonny pawing at the floaties in the water...

 ... And now she's trying to eat the floaties.

 And last, but not least - the lovebirds.
Take Luck,
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