Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Firmoo Giveaway WINNERS

The winners of the Firmoo Giveaway Tiffanie and Melissa!!

Congrats, my beautiful friends.

Tiffanie's Choice: #FS04 (Brown)

I have tried and tried (and tried and tried and tried) to get my True Number Generation Generator to show/prove the results, but it is just not cooperating.  That, or I'm technology inept on this one.  Totally likely.

And.  I guess I misunderstood the terms of the giveaway because it was for TWO winners to each win ONE pair of glasses.  Not ONE winner to win TWO pair of glasses.  Ho hum.

Anyway, debacle and all - thanks for participating in the Firmoo giveaway.

Don't be too bummed if you didn't win.  You can still get a free pair of sunnies or eyeglasses with Firmoo's First Pair Free program.  You know this mama is participating.

Take Luck,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reminder: Firmoo Giveaway

Just popping in with a friendly reminder that the Firmoo Giveaway ends tomorrow evening.

Thanks to those (three) of you who have entered so far.   The odds are looking to be quite favorable.

If you haven't already, it's not too late to enter for your chance to win two pairs of frames selected from Firmoo's Classic Series

All you have to do is follow this blog via Bloglovin, visit Firmoo's Classic and tell me which pairs you would love by leaving a comment, and for an additional entry, like Firmoo's Facebook page and leave a comment telling me you did so.

A winner will be selected (via  and announced once the giveaway closes at 6pm PST tomorrow.

Take Luck,

Monday, July 29, 2013

STL Recap

Seeing as our trip back to St. Louis was over a month ago - I guess it's about time I recap.

I already talked about how well Camden did on the flights, so I'll get right into the trip itself.

We stayed at Ryan's sister's house since their place is already baby proof and has oodles of baby stuff at the ready.  No joke, Liam has more toys than any child I've ever seen.  Cara was bringing out Camden's age-appropriate toys left and right.

I was so excited for us to see Cara, Webb & Liam.  When we got to their house and Cara opened the door, I'm pretty sure (OK, I'm positive) that our excitement freaked Camden out.  He immediately clung to me and started to cry.  Complete with a lip quiver.  There was actually a lot of the clinging and lip quivering during the trip.  I think the little man got a little "over stimulated" at times.

We got lots of quality time with our favorite people.  Liam was a little unsure of his little cousin.  Well, I should say that Liam was OK with Camden (after a short warm-up period), as long as he wasn't playing with his toys or stealing Grandma and/or Mommy's attention.

 One thing I love about going back to the Midwest is that I almost always get to meet up with some girlfriends from college that still live in the area.  This visit was a little more special because I had one little man in tow.  Camden got to meet his Aunt Becky, Alex and his new friend Patrick, and Schmitty.

 We took the trip to attend the wedding of Ryan's cousin Jeremy and (his now wife!), Ashley.

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was set for Thursday night.  Cara, the baby boys and I drove down to the banquet hall where the dinner was being held, only to find two things.

1) Camden had a giant poop explosion while wearing his nice outfit.
2) The hall didn't have electricity or air conditioning.

As bad as I felt for Jeremy and Ashley that their special dinner was experiencing a hiccup, I have to be honest and say I felt worse for Cara and myself.  Two small kiddos who are already out of their element, are now hot.  Super.

The guys (my dad included) caught a Cardinal game on Friday while the Texas Rangers were in town.

My FIL, Dad, Jeremy (Groom), Ry, & Father of the Bride

  The wedding was Saturday in a beautiful church in Columbia.  Because the wedding was taking place in the middle of Liam's nap time, Webb stayed home with him, and Cara, Camden, and I ventured out to attend.

Cam w/Great G-pa Bob

I am not joking when I say that four minutes before the ceremony was to start, Camden had yet another giant poop explosion while wearing his other nice outfit.  This child has impeccable timing.

Cara and I literally ran into the bathroom and changed him.  Thankfully, the pants were salvaged from the poop and he spent the rest of the ceremony in a onesie and his cute little slacks.  The poor baby was hot in the stuffy church, but I told him it would be inappropriate to be naked in church.

The ceremony ends and I started hearing whispers that it was "raining" outside.  I wasn't worried, but excited at the idea that a "little rain" might cool things off.

Ba. Ha. Ha. Ha.  Apparently I've been away from the Midwest for too long.

This was me after running to the car with Camden and getting him strapped into his car seat.

Totally and utterly drenched even after Cara ran out and brought the car as close as she could.  I'm pretty sure I gave the other guests a pretty good show as my dress was clinging to my ass.  You're welcome.

Thankfully, we had plenty of time to go back home so I could dry my dress (and myself), and get Camden in some reception-worthy clothes.

This trip was special in a lot of ways, but the most special part was that it was the first time a majority of Ryan's family members were meeting Camden - including his three great grandparents!!

So happy with Great Grandma Midge

Camden w/Great G-ma Carol, Great Grandma Midge, and Great G-pa Bob

The awesomeness doesn't stop there.  I realized that because my parents also came to the wedding, all of Camden's grandparents were in the same place.  Who knows if this will ever happen again.

Grandma Pattie, Grandma Chris, Great G-ma Carol, and Great Grandma Midge

Grandpa Danny, Great G-pa Bob, and Grandpa Danny

I mentioned before that it took Liam some time to warm up to his baby cousin, and understandably so!  The last day of our stay, Cara and I were down on the floor with the boys when Liam looked like he was trying to tell us that he wanted to hold Camden.  I think my heart literally melted from the cuteness.

He held him for about six seconds and by then had had enough.

This trip was nuts.  It was our first time traveling with a small child, our first time trying to keep our routine/schedule away from home and in a different time zone, and we were busy trying to see a lot of people.  Looking back, I'm flooded with memories of the craziness.  But really, it was the best kind of crazy.

Can't wait to go back in November for Becky's wedding.

Take Luck,

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mama Fashion (Mom Jeans not Included)

At the risk of sounding like a broken record - I'm no fashionista.  I've never particularly had a style, cared about fashion, or what's "in style."  I typically just wear what I like and what's most comfortable.  Translation: I could be the poster woman for fitted jeans and a t-shirt.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that I dress modestly, but I certainly dress within my personal standards for what I think is acceptable for my age and body type.  Translation: I know what I can pull off and what I can't, and when in doubt - I will put on the more conservative choice.

Enter pregnancy and motherhood.  Nothing really changed when it came to my views and approach to my wardrobe.

Then, a funny thing happened earlier this spring.  I was getting Camden and myself dressed to go down to the ball fields to watch my dad's community college softball team play a doubleheader.  It was shockingly warm and sunny for a Pacific Northwest spring day, so I broke out my box of summer clothes that had been stashed away.  I must have tried on five different combinations of tops and bottoms, continuing to strip them off to try something else.  I wasn't feeling too keen on my bod at the time, which didn't help my case, but nothing felt right.  Nothing felt comfortable.  I decided on a purple tank top, khaki shorts, and some flip flops.  It was as good as it was going to get.

Nothing flashy.  Something simple. Just me.

Because this was the first time I was leaving the house with that amount of skin showing (since having a baby), I wanted to get Ryan's thoughts on my little ensemble.  I asked him how I looked (Translation: I needed a little confidence boost) and he flatly said, "You look like a Mom."  I quickly confirmed that he didn't mean that in the best way either.

(If you haven't noticed, Ryan is always very honest with me.  He'll never tell me what I might "want" to hear, but always the hard truth.  Sometimes I dig this, other times - not so much.  This was one of those times were I was looking for what I "wanted" to hear.  Pssht. Thanks, hon.)

I thought, "There's nothing wrong with 'looking like a Mom.'  I am a Mom!"  (Gosh, that's still weird to say).  But I knew I didn't want to "look like the Mom" that has thrown her physical appearance to the wind.

Since that day I've tried to make some conscious changes to my wardrobe, how I dress, and my general appearance.  I'm still springing for pieces that I like and feel comfortable, but trying to push my style-comfort zone.  Also, I've realized not to underestimate how a quick flick of mascara can bring out my eyes... And maybe take the focus off the bags and dark circles. The challenging parts for me have been finding things that I feel are both age/mom-status appropriate and flattering to my body type.  OK, and that don't break the bank.  Let's be honest* here - I love Target and Old Navy.

*While we're being honest, you know I still pull my hair back every chance I get, and love (love, love, love) a good pair of yoga pants.

Trust me when I say that I'm not trying to impress anyone.  Maybe trying to turn my hubby's head a bit, sure - but my real goal was to make myself feel good/better about my physical appearance.  I really have found that my self-confidence has benefited nicely from these little changes.  It feels good to be put together. However superficial that may be.  

I'm feeling good about myself and my newly embraced mama fashion (Mom Jeans not included), and anyone (mama or not) can tell you that's a big deal.

Take Luck,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Embrace the Camera - 7/25/13

I've been following Emily at the anderson crew for quite some time now.  One of my favorite parts of her blog is "Embrace the Camera."  Embrace the Camera is just a way of encouraging mama's (or anyone for that matter) to turn the camera around and get in the picture instead of always being the one taking the pictures.

It wasn't until Tiff wrote this post about getting in the picture that I really thought about the pictures we have that are of Camden and me.  Look at my Instagram feed (OK, let's be honest - InstaCam) and it is flooded (literally) with snapshots of my boy - most of them by himself.  Very few are of him and me, him and Ryan, or worse - the three of us.

In the beginning, I didn't want my picture taken.  I was tired and disheveled, and it was just easy to quickly snap photos of Camden.  Now, I'm less tired and (hopefully) a lot less disheveled, so my only real excuse is that I don't want all of our pictures together to be selfies.  Oh, and Ryan is a horrible photographer. 

Sorry, hon.

Times they are a changin'.  I give you my first installment of Embrace the Camera.

Yesterday, I participated in a Virtual 5K with The Viefhaus Sisters and asked Ryan to snap a picture of me and my wogging buddy when we were done and sweaty.

Someone was just more interested in our running bib.

My goal is to consciously get in more pictures.  More pictures with Camden.  More pictures with Ryan.  And to take more pictures of us as a family.

Will I do this every single week?  Probably not.  But I can sure try.  Because Camden is growing so fast.  And the truth is - Camden doesn't care that there's baby sweet potatoes on my shirt and in my hair, that I don't have make-up on, that I have dark circles and bags under my eyes, that my hair is a hot-sweet-potato-mess, and that I haven't showered in two days.  Someday, he's going to want to see pictures of him and his mama.  Probably not until he's 30.  But whatever.  It's important.

Go embrace the camera with someone you love!

Take Luck,

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

No Soliciting


Who likes solicitors?

Not me.  Especially since having a wee baby in the house.  I never know what to say to get them to go away, but I don't want to be mean.  Our dogs go bizerk regardless of if the door is knocked or the doorbell is rung.  The chaos that erupts is just... Well, chaotic.

Last night, while Camden was rolling around in his crib trying to fall asleep, a friendly solicitor came a callin'.  I don't know what he was trying to sell but I knew I wasn't interested.

I swear that I thought Brock was going to jump through the screen portion of our door trying to tell this man to go away, but alas, he was contained.  The guy commented on how beautiful Brock was and then got right down to business.

"Is your Mom or Dad home?"

I was immediately offended and then the light bulb went off.  This was my chance to escape.

"Nope, my Mom and Dad are not here."


I am flattered that the solicitor thought I was a teenager, but seriously buddy.

I can't be sure, but I'm guessing he's not too successful in his solicitations.

Take Luck,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sleep Training

I wold just like to start off with a big fact disclaimer.  In case it wasn't obvious, I am by no means a professional sleep trainer.  Or a professional anything, for that matter.  I just thought I would share our journey with sleep training and the few small changes that made a big difference in this house.

It was OK to get up several times in the night when Camden was a newborn.  There was still that euphoric, "We have a baby!" feeling in the house, I was on maternity leave, and sleep deprivation hadn't set in.  Some illness got thrown in there a few months later, and I was OK with that too.  The poor kiddo didn't know how to breathe out of his mouth - I get it.

2 month old Baby Cam

But, fast forward to a six month old babe who was still not sleeping through the night - and I can tell you that sense of euphoria was long gone.  Long gone, folks.  I loved that he "loved me so much that he wanted to see me in the night..." but seriously, I stopped thinking that was adorable when he was about three months old.

No night was the same.  I would hope and pray (literally) for a decent night's sleep.  Heck, even a solid stretch of sleep before my first wake-up call would have been a bonus.  Ryan eventually said I needed to stop hoping for a decent night's sleep and just prepare myself for an awful nights sleep.  That way - I'd be pleased with whatever mediocre rest I got.

As right as he may have been and as silly as it was - that wasn't how I wanted to approach the situation.  I've said it before - I'm an optimist and I just didn't want to think that way.  Part of me just kept thinking, "Camden will figure it out on his own..." But it soon became clear that just wasn't going to happen.  Either that or I wasn't willing to wait for him to get his sleeping act together.

While I knew we were doing certain things the "right" way, like having him sleep in his crib, using a sound machine, using a pacifier, and having a bed time routine - there were a few things that we weren't doing the "right" way, like feeding and/or rocking him to sleep (and therefore, putting him to bed asleep), and jumping up every time he whined or cried in the night.

It was obvious that even if he could put himself to sleep at bedtime, or after waking in the night - he didn't know that he could do it.  Because we were doing the work for him and putting him down asleep, he didn't know how to put himself back down when waking in the night.  And plus the little booger knew that we (OK, I) would come running in to answer his cries.  Silly mommy.  Smart baby.

All were pointing to our key problem - putting Camden down asleep instead of awake.  I knew this was the problem but was too chicken shit to do anything to change it.  I kept thinking, "But it's so easy this way..."  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  I also found that in order to get over this little hurdle, we may be going down the "cry it out" road.  It wasn't necessary, but it would be a quicker solution than a non-cry it out approach.

I read and read (and read and read and read) about the different approaches to sleep training - both cry it out and non-cry it out.  I knew in my heart that we needed him to cry it out, but my heart also wasn't ready to commit to it.  But, who does want to leave their baby to cry?  No one.

This mama needed to buck up if I wanted some sleep.  And I did, so desperately.  Even if that meant a few tears shed by Camden (and me).

The week/weekend of 4th of July, I decided that it was go-time.  The long weekend was the perfect opportunity to give this a try because if we had some long nights - I would be able to catch up on sleep during nap times.  That was my theory anyway.  Also, based on my sob fest at the doctor's office - I didn't think my mental health could take much more of the current sleep patterns.  I made sure that Ryan was on-board with the plan of attack.  I sure as hell wasn't going to do this alone.

We were following the Sleep Easy Solution guidelines that suggests check-ins after 3 minutes, then 5 minutes later, then 10 minutes later, and 10 minutes later for each subsequent check-in.  The book also suggests keeping the check-ins brief (less than 30 seconds) and that you shouldn't physically touch the (screaming) baby.  You continue the check-ins until baby falls asleep.  Sounds fun, right?

The first night, we put Camden down awake and he cried (OK, screamed) for 45 minutes.  I ended up having to leave the house because there was no chore or television show that was going to distract me from that sound.  I left and paced our neighborhood, called my baby sister and my parents, and text Tiff and my sister-in-law for support.  I left Ryan with the check-in and "no touching" instructions.

After walking awhile, I peeked my head into the front door to see my husband with a very guilty look on his face.  And the house was quiet.  Ryan quickly confessed, "I cheated.  I went in for the check-in.  And I hugged him.  He needed a hug.  I had to hug him.  I hugged him and he laid down and fell asleep."

Well, doesn't that just melt your heart?  Camden exhausted himself so much that he just needed a hug from his daddy (although I'm guessing contact with any human being would have done just fine).  My poor baby.

For the most part, each night got a little better.  If he woke up in the night, we'd go back to our same check-in strategy, and as hard as it was - not result to picking him up, rocking, and/or feeding him.  That was my most challenging time, I think.  It's in the middle of the night, you are a zombie, and you know that if you just picked your baby up and comforted and/or fed them - they'd fall back asleep.

Naps were a little hit or miss at first.  He was always a good napper, but again - we were in the habit of putting him down asleep.  We used our new-found method at nap time and once he got the idea, he's done pretty darn good.  Sometimes it just took a little longer for him to fall asleep. 

I swear, this child is stubborn just like his dad.

These days, we start Camden's bed time routine about 15 minutes before we want to be laying him down in his crib.  If he falls asleep drinking his nighttime bottle, we jiggle or tickle him awake - even if he only opens his eyes long enough to be laid down.  It took some time, but he's sleeping through the night (I'm knocking on wood right now) - totally able to put himself back to sleep if he wakes up in the night.

This child is a wiggle worm when he's awake and it is no different when he's asleep.  No joke, every time I click the monitor to check on him (yes, I still check frequently to make sure he's breathing - I can't help it), he's laying in a different position.  His tummy, his back, cuddled up to the crib rail, snuggling his lovey, on his side... You get the idea.  Prior to sleep training, all this movement would have woken him up and caused the whining to begin.  Not anymore.

If you've made it through this post - you deserve a medal of some kind.  Because who really gives a hoot about our experience with sleep training?  Probably not many.  But you might read something that could be helpful to you in the future, or know someone who is struggling with exhaustion and sleep deprivation like we were.  Maybe you (or someone you know) is contemplating a cry it out sleep training method.  I'm here to tell you that if you commit to it (seriously, half the battle), you will see results.

It's hard, and it will tug on your mama (and daddy) heart strings like no other.  But your baby will sleep better... And so will you.

Take Luck,

Monday, July 22, 2013

Firmoo Giveaway

Ah, my first giveaway.

I was recently contacted by a Firmoo representative about hosting a giveaway. I was a little skeptical at first, but then thought - what better way to reward those of you who log in to read about about my crazy (and perhaps over-dramatic) life?!

If you're like me, I had never heard of Firmoo before.  Turns out, Firmoo is the "World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store." They offer their customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices, starting at $8 - a whopping 80%-90% lower compared to a local retail store. 

Also, Firmoo has launched First Pair Free Program for new customers to test their products and services for free. You only have to pay for shipping. 

It's your lucky day because Firmoo is giving away two pairs of frames selected from their Classic Series.  Eyeglasses include 1.50 single vision lenses and sunglasses include zero-powered lenses.  As I mentioned with the First Pair Free Program, the winner will have to pay a small shipping cost.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no fashionista.  But after browsing through Firmoo's products, I found myself ooh'ing and aah'ing at how simple, but stylish their frames are.

 Totally cute, right?!

Here's how you can enter for a chance to win:

[1] Follow this blog via Bloglovin
[2] Visit Firmoo's Classic and tell me which pair(s) you would love by leaving a comment.

[3] For an additional entry, like Firmoo's Facebook page and leave a comment telling me you did so.

If there are over 40 qualified contestants, Firmoo will offer a pair of free glasses (including shipping) as a grand prize.

That's it!

This giveaway is now closed.

Good luck, friends!

Take Luck,

Friday, July 19, 2013


I was recently having a new mama heart-to-heart with my best friend, Tiff.  I shared with her a story that I couldn't believe I hadn't told her before... And I can't believe I haven't shared it here either.

Very early in my pregnancy, I wanted to call my OB's nurse for a question, but was afraid that it was dumb and I didn't want to be that new crazy pregnant lady that was calling the office all the time.

I remember telling my sweet baby sister, Rachel, about my question and my fear of being the new crazy pregnant lady.  She laughed and proceeded to share a story that her nanny friend (who use to be a receptionist at an OB/GYN office) shared with her, in hopes it would make me feel more comfortable about calling the nurse.

It worked.

Apparently, a pregnant woman called this office and was in complete and utter hysterics because, "She killed her baby."  As it's probably an uncommon phone call to receive, the receptionist tried to get the woman to calm down and explain.  All the woman kept saying (hysterically) was that she killed her baby.

Once she was able to calm down and explain, the woman said this:

"I was eating spaghetti.  And I didn't cut up the noodles small enough.  The spaghetti strangled my baby."

Yep.  As in, she thought that either the baby was actually in her stomach, or that the spaghetti was going to end up in her uterus.  I'm guessing the former.

Can you see why this story might make me feel more comfortable about calling the nurse to ask my "dumb" question?

Now, whether it has to do with me, or with Camden, I don't hesitate to call the doctor's office nurse(s).  Because I'm pretty sure, whatever I'm going to ask - is a hell of a lot less crazy than spaghetti noodles strangling a fetus.


Just some food for thought.

Take Luck,

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Camden - 7 Months

Seven months.


Here are this mobile baby's stats from his very late six-month well baby check.

Weight: 15 lbs 13 oz (14th percentile)
Height: 26 1/2 inches (40th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 inches (25th percentile)

This is one happy baby.  I can't say how lucky I feel that he's as happy as he is.

This little man is full on crawling, pulling himself up on anything and everything on his eye level, and really loves to rip my heart out when he stands and only holds onto something with one hand.  He's still President of the two-teeth club and still a little unsure about baby food (but slowly coming around).  One thing is for sure, he loves bath time and splashing around in the water.

Sleep training, although hard, has made a big difference in his sleep - with both naps and at night time.  He was always a good napper, but as I've mentioned, night time meant a lot of up and down for Ryan and me.  Not anymore (knock on wood).

I've been trying to get him to say "Mama" and "Dada" recently, and he just thinks those two words are about the funniest thing - because all he does is laugh.

While I'm sad that this little guy is growing so fast - it's been a lot of fun to see his little personality come through and watch him become his own little person.

Oh, I love my little love.  But seriously, slow it down it little, bud.

Take Luck,

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10 on 10: July 2013

10 on 10: 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!
[1] I'll never get tired of this view.
[2] Who doesn't love wild flowers?

[3] More sunny sun flare.

 [4] Networking and Apples to Apples?  OK.

[5] This mama just can't kick the crud.  Nasty sinus infection equals powerful antibiotics.  Yes, please.

[6] There's something heartwarming about picking Camden up from the house that I grew up in.

 [7] Hard to feel too crummy when this guy looks my way.

[8] Papa Murphy's to the dinner rescue.

[9] Thanking God for the creator of tea.  So is my throat.

[10] Someone has a love/hate relationship with the new baby gate.  Apparently right now, it's love.

Take Luck,

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More Lately

- I've realized I have a new pet peeve: poor subject lines in work related e-mails.  Broad subject lines are bad, but don't even get me started on a blank/"No Subject" subject line.  It is such an easy thing, but I'm finding it's overlooked.  A lot.

- I have several friends who have recently had or are getting ready to have babies, and in recent Facebook stalking - I see way too many people making super helpful (insert sarcasm) comments like, "Haven't you had that baby yet?!"  Seriously, people - please continue to point out to this poor woman that she has not had her baby yet - as if she hadn't noticed.  I'm sure these mamas appreciate the Facebook population's excitement for their baby's arrival, but I guarantee that the past 40 weeks (if not more) have been the longest of her life.  I personally had to exercise great restraint on those who made that comment to me at the end of my pregnancy - and Camden came early!!!  Other super helpful and constructive comments include, "Are you sure there's only one baby in there?", "My Little Billy came two weeks early!" (said to the overdue mama), and "My Little Johnny starting sleeping through the night at 6 weeks!" (said to the sleep deprived mama of a 6 month old).  Come on, folks - just tell her you're excited for her and that she looks fantastic.

- Speaking of due dates.  I'm pretty sure obstetricians/midwives should give you your due date with a disclaimer.  Warning:  This date is a guess; an estimate.  Your baby is going to come whenever he/she darn well pleases and in some cases, may need to be served an eviction notice.  Women who carry past their due dates cannot be held legally responsible for any erratic outbursts that may occur after said due date.

- Last Wednesday, with the long weekend ahead, I decided to bite the bullet and venture into the land of sleep training.  There's been some crying (mostly, just from Camden), but we're seeing progress and less interruptions in night time sleeping for all of us.  Hallelujah.

- Ryan stayed home from work today.  He called me at work and was running down the list of things he was hoping to accomplish - including washing his car.  I excitedly asked him to wash my car, too!  He was quick to say, "Really?"  Guess I have some work to do to catch up on sleep and restore my sleep deprived brain.  It took me a few seconds after his response to realize that my car is sitting in the parking lot and therefore, quite impossible for him to wash.

Take Luck,

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cam & Doodle

I was excited when Camden and I received an invite to Dixie Doodle's 1st birthday party.

I feel like I know my co-worker Peggy Ann's daughter Nicole and her sweet little girl, Dixie (did you follow that?) a lot better than I actually do because I get to hear so many stories about them.  Do you have people like that?

The party was on Bainbridge Island at an incredibly beautiful home belonging to friends of Peggy Ann and Nicole's. It took us about 45 minutes to drive there, and I swear we could have gotten there faster if we had hopped in a boat (that we don't own) and driven by water.

The theme of Dixie's party was Breakfast at Tiffany's.  I die.

We didn't get to stay long due to another birthday party celebration but I did happen to get some cute pictures of Camden with the birthday girl.

Here's the conversation I imagine them having.

Dixie: That's my Ya-Ya over there.
Camden: What's a Ya-Ya?

 Dixie: You know, a grandmother.
Camden:  Oh.

 Dixie: Don't worry, Hammy.  You'll learn these things when you are 1 year old like me.
Camden:  OK, Doodle.  If you say so.

 Dixie: Maybe when you're mature like me you'll learn how to get lint out of your ear.

 Camden: Maybe you should mind your own business, Dixie.  I liked the lint in my ear.

Dixie: Oh, no you didn't, Cam.
Camden: Oh, yes I did, Doodle.  Don't mess with me.  I have two dogs on my shirt.

Dixie: Whatever.  Bet you can't grab your foot like me.
Camden: Nope.  My mom put these dumb shoes on me.  They aren't even real shoes.

Dixie: Maybe if we get confused looks on our faces they'll stop saying our names and taking our picture.
 Camden:  Good idea, Doodle.  You are so wise.

Happy birthday, Dixie!

Take Luck,

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth

Happy fourth, everyone!

I may be one of the few people out there that will tell you - the older I get, the more and more I dislike the Fourth of July.

Don't get me wrong - I love the reason we celebrate (hello, independence) but my tolerance for fireworks is fading fast.

Unlike my little sister (who I swear came out of the womb hating the sound of fireworks and thunder), I use to really enjoy lighting off and watching fireworks.  Now, I don't know if I just get irritated with how early people start lighting them off (ahem, July 1st) or what, but I just want nothing to do with it.

Take me to a professional fireworks show where I am a safe distance from the pyrotechnics and I'm good. But otherwise - I'm totally over it.

Wah wah.  Excuse Uncle Ebenezer Sam over here.

Enjoy this throwback of my little Uncle Sam in his stars and stripes and have a great Fourth of July!

Take Luck,
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