Thursday, May 12, 2011


Wendy at Totally Desperate Mom started a virtual Mother's Day card, of sorts.  So, I figure - why not join in on the fun.  I like answering questions and I think my Mom will love it.  I hope.

1.  What is your best childhood memory with your Mom?
I certainly can't pick just one, and these memories seem to all include my Mom.  I somehow remember always watching her drive away after she dropped me off at daycare, letting me pick out my own clothes and look ridiculous (thanks, Mom), putting soap in my mouth when I dropped an f-bomb, and driving somewhere (usually Grammy's house) only to drive past the street until I reminded her, "Didn't you want to turn there, Mom?" 

2. Was she constant with her discipline?
I don't recall getting disciplined all that much, but I would have to say, yes.  We knew not to make her (or Dad for that matter) mad.  She might throw a remote control at us.

3.  Did you ever make your Mother cry because you were unruly or disobedient?
Certainly.  I don't remember, but she has told me about a time when I was being seriously naughty at the grocery store, and she had finally had enough.  I wouldn't be surprised if some of my bad jokes made her cry with embarrassment a time or too.  I have been told I was quite the precocious child and could be obnoxious at times.  

Me?  Never.

Ryan doesn't tell me I looked like a devil-child for nothing!

4. Do you remember any of the special things your Mother did for you?
 The most special thing my Mom did for me, was support me.  She had my back no matter what I wanted to do.  I  didn't appreciate it then, but both of my parents sacrificed a lot for my siblings and me.  She raised me to be my own person.  Mom also makes the meanest beef strogenoff and made it for me and my roommates every time she came to Carbondale. 

5.  Did she teach you something significant?
As I just mentioned, she taught me to be my own person, and to accept other people for who they are.  She taught me to have patience, kindness and to consider others - especially their feelings.  She showed me how wonderful a mother-daughter relationship can be through her relationship with Grammy.  She showed me how to make a commitment to something, and stick with it - regardless of how hard or impossible it may seem.

I love you, Ma!

Take Luck,

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  1. Oh Lou --- that was really sweet. I feel so lucky that you were given to me. I have always felt like that -- and I will ALWAYS feel like that. I love you very much.


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