Monday, November 10, 2014


Blogging has been seriously lacking lately, and not for lack of writing material.  More so a lack of motivation.  You see, at the end of the day, a hot shower and curling up in bed are much more enticing than plucking away on the ole laptop.

Halloween was over a week ago, so a recap is better late than never.

We decided to paint our pumpkins this year instead of carve them.  Deep down, I know we have many, many years of pumpkin carving ahead of us - so keeping it simple for another year was super appealing.

I laid down a big plastic sheet on the dining room floor, put blobs of paint on paper towels, and let Cam go to town on his little personal pumpkin.  He seemed to really enjoy it at first, calling every color "blue," and slathered paint all over the pumpkin.  It was all good until the paint got on his hands, which then got on his belly.  He tried to stand up and run away from the "dirty" paint, stepping in it, and things really went to hell.

Tears, tears, and more tears.  I kept asking him if he wanted to keep painting, and he cried, "No!"  So, I asked him if he wanted to take a bath, and he wailed, "No!"  This kid really does not like to be dirty.

After a nice bath and removing all the "dirty" paint, he was excited to admire his pumpkin from afar.

As far as his Halloween costume goes - I chose to exercise my Mommy powers and choose for him.  Lord knows how many more opportunities I will have to steer him away from costumes that have masks and weapons.  So, a dinosaur he would be!

A really happy and excited dinosaur, as you can see.

I was really excited to take him out trick-or-treating, but was mentally preparing for him to hate it.  I figured he would be afraid of the strangers opening their doors and reluctant to say "trick-or-treat," or "thank you," or anything!

It's funny I was worried about it because he loved it.  I mean, running in between each house yelling, "Hurry! Hurry!," loved it.

He said "trick-a-treat," "thank you," and "bye bye," like a little champ and loved getting to pick a piece of candy (or two!) out of the candy bowls.  I said I thought he would be afraid of strangers opening their doors, but he actually tried to walk inside of the first house we went too.  

I think his favorite part of the whole experience was getting to use the flashlight on Grammy's phone. I had a total brain fart and didn't even think to bring a flashlight (and like an idiot, I dressed in all black...).

We only went to about 10 houses before calling it quits.  I think he would have done the whole neighborhood if we had let him.  Our last stop was back at Grammy and Papa's house and I wish you could have seen the look on his face when Papa answered the door.  This child adores (seriously, adores!) his Papa.

I'm a mean mommy and didn't want to give him any candy, but after getting pressure from my mom and Ryan, I caved and let him have a mini Twix.

He practically swallowed it whole.

Take Luck,

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