Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beachbody Challenge Update #4 (Final)

Challenge is done.

But my work is far from over.

I was anxious to compare my before/after pictures and before/after measurements (which I totally took incorrectly the first time...).  While I feel a big sense of pride in myself for making a change/dent in those 30 days - I feel a little disappointment too.  Not a 'woe is me,' disappointment, but an, 'oh...' disappointment.  As if I was expecting more.

I know I am my own worst critic and am going to analyze (OK, over analyze) my bod and flaws more than anyone, but I guess I just "felt" better about my progress before comparing the pictures and measurements.  If that makes any sense at all.

What's important is that deep down, I know that I've worked really hard and did my best - so I need to cut myself some slack and be proud of what I have accomplished in these 30 days.  And I am proud!  I guess the feeling of slight disappointment is just fuel to motivate me to continue working and keep working harder.

I must have asked Ryan every day for the past month, "How am I looking?"  Poor guy.  I've never been that person either but I needed that encouragement that my hard work was noticeable.  Just the other night I asked and he said, "Definitely less jiggly."  Gotta love honesty.

I am thankful for this challenge and the opportunity to get my jiggle in gear.  When I get down on myself, I need to remember that I met both of the goals I set to achieve - lose a little bit of weight and tone up.  I did that! Today, I feel stronger, healthier, and happier then I did 30 days ago.

The work doesn't stop here!

Take Luck,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beachbody Challenge Update #3

Three weeks down.

Getting my booty up and going on my workouts has been more of a challenge, as of late.  But, once I'm going - I'm golden.  And sweaty. 

Why I'm lacking motivation recently?  I really can't say because I have been really happy with the progress I've made in these three short weeks.  My goal had two parts - one, to lose the weight I was hanging onto, and two, to tone up.  I'm happy to say I've achieved both.  Although, I still have some work to do with the latter.  Baby steps, people.

I have never been (and will never be) a teeny-tiny-skinny-mini.  I'm just not built that way.  I have athletic meat on these bones that seems to be permanently affixed to the old bod.  Even though I still have work to do (and one more week of personal butt kicking before this challenge is over!), I feel comfortable in my skin again... My new mama skin.  The scale may say I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight - but my body is different.  And I'm OK with that.  I feel like I subconsciously had to be OK with it before I knew I was ready to become a mama.

Next week I'll share my before and after pictures.  It may take a cocktail (or two) before I get up the guts to publish that post - but I hope it will be proof and motivation for others that you can make the positive changes you want to see in your body.  The physical changes in my body are second to the changes in how I feel about myself.  I'm proud for accomplishing my workouts, feeling healthier, and feeling stronger.  Seeing my body change and bounce back is really just icing on the cake. 

The really good, cream cheese icing.

Take Luck,

Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Lately

- After one particularly bad night's sleep, Ryan offered to exclusively get up with Camden the next night.  I really had to pee in the middle of this particular night, but refused to get out of bed purely based on principle.

- I've come to realize that the raging Downton Abbey is in fact Downton Abbey... And not Downtown Abbey.

- Am finding myself very amused by this "fashion" blog written as the voice of Suri Cruise. 


- I revealed that when I think Camden is about to take his first steps - I'm going to push him down in hopes of discouraging his growing up.  Just kidding... Er, sort of.

- Am finding myself dreading Thursday's because of our evening women's softball league games.  I just want to come home and be home.  But, I really need to change my tude because we got alotta games left.     

- I had been waiting impatiently for the Fit Bit Flex to be released.  We ordered one and they've been sitting at Best Buy since Sunday.  So, seeing as it's Thursday... I am either really good at containing my excitement.  Or very lazy.  And if I'm lazy - I just paid $99 for a black wrist band to tell me so.

Take Luck,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beachbody Challenge Update #2

Two weeks down.

My biggest challenge is still carving out that time each day to dedicate to my workouts with Shaun T.  However, this week I realized that I need to stop stressing about getting the workouts done in one swoop.  Doing the workout with interruptions is better than not doing the workout at all.  Agreed?

One thing I really like about this program (Insanity: Asylum) is that I don't dread any particular workout.  Sure, there are exercises that I enjoy (er, tolerate) more than others - but overall, it changes things up enough to keep things interesting (er, tolerable).

Eating has been somewhat of a challenge.  You'd think I meant that I'm struggling to make healthy food choices and eat less, but the funny thing is - I feel like I'm struggling to eat enough. Paleo eliminates a lot of foods I would normally eat (specifically processed foods and grains), which is good!  But I need to remember to replace those lost calories with the cleaner and healthier alternatives.  By no means did I intend for this to be an actual diet and substantially eliminate calories.

Marta, our challenge coach, encouraged us to weigh ourselves this weekend, and I was initially very nervous to do that.  Pre-pregnancy, I was never too worried about my weight - and by that I mean the actual number on the scale.  I always went by how I felt and how my clothes were fitting.  Just before getting pregnant, I kept an eye on my weight mostly because I wanted to 1) know what my baseline was, 2) track my weight gain through my pregnancy (even though that was super depressing...) and 3) make sure I got back to that baseline weight post-baby. 

Anyway, my concern was this: I'm feeling good - what if the scale tells me differently?  I didn't want to be discouraged and have the scale tell me that my hard work wasn't doing as much as I thought it was.  I voiced my concern to Marta, so she encouraged me to wait until the end to step on the scale.

So, what did I do?  Weighed myself (of course!) because curiosity got the best of me.  And ya know what, it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for - but it gave me a boost of motivation to just keep working and keep working harder.

Afterall, I am the one that's in charge of this change.

Here's to another week of working my ass off.  Literally.

Take Luck,

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Camden - 5 Months

Another month here and gone.  With each day that goes by - this little boy steals another piece of my heart.

Camden is five months old today!

He didn't get a 5-month well baby check, so no fun stats to share on his growth.

I can't get over just how happy and content he is.  I'm very thankful for his disposition and the sweet little personality that is shining through more each day.

He started blowing raspberries with his mouth, is rolling over (both ways) like a little mad man, turns little circles on his belly during tummy time, and even tries to scoot around a little bit.  I think we'll have a little crawler on our hands before long.

He's starting to notice the food that we eat.  He'll track the food from our plates to our mouths and try to grab at whatever utensil is in our hands.  Silly, baby.

I'm starting to mentally prepare for next month.  Six months.  Half a year.

Cue the big mama tears.  And the ugly crying face.

Take Luck,

Friday, May 10, 2013

10 on 10: May 2013

 10 on 10: 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!

[1] Company has arrived!


 [2] Another gorgeous day in the PNW.

[3] Admiring my wood burning capabilities from 2009.

[4] Can't wait to see baby in his daddy's old Chevron sweater vest.

[5] Lilacs for days.

[6] Taking balloons to daddy at work for his teacher.  Poor lady had to put up with daddy.

[7] I love this child.

 [8] Baby boy getting loves from his visiting grandparents.

[9] Watching grandpa's softball game.

[10] Grandpa (my dad) in action.

Take Luck,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beachbody Challenge Update #1

As of yesterday, I completed the first week of Marta's Beachbody Challenge.

My biggest challenge hasn’t been the workouts themselves, but carving out 45-50 minutes of the afternoons/evenings to dedicate to the workouts.  Don't get me wrong - the workouts are definitely challenging.  But there's a young man in my life that just likes to interrupt me.  Apparently he likes my love handles.

The great news is - I am already seeing positive changes in my bod.  I'm not weighing myself until the end, so I'm purely going off of how I'm feeling about myself.  My momma told me on Saturday that she noticed my little tummy had gone down, and it totally encouraged me to bust it even harder during my workout on Sunday. 

Right before the start of this challenge, Ryan and I decided to start following a Paleo diet.  I guess I shouldn’t call it a diet, because I'm certainly not dieting - just trying to eat better.  Cleaner.  I will say that I find myself eating less because, well, there's less things that you can eat while eating Paleo.

If you don't know much about Paleo (Paleolithic Diet), it mimics the diets of our caveman ancestors and includes meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, eggs, and nuts.  This means no grains, legumes, dairy, potatoes, refined sugars, salt, or processed foods.  My biggest challenge with this change in our eating is definitely the elimination of diary, grains, and processed foods.  Mama loves a bagel and/or a quick granola bar!  I'm not strictly following this diet, but trying to follow it as closely as possible.  I still have oatmeal for breakfast (good for breastmilk production) and Greek yogurt at lunch (good, quick source of protein).

So, between my Insanity: Asylum workouts, walking/jogging (OK, let's be honest - wogging), and eating Paleo - I am really happy with the changes so far and it's only been a week.  I feel less bloated (without even realizing that I felt bloated before), and may have a tiny increase in energy.  It's really hard for me to judge my energy levels right now as I'm still sleep deprived, but I am confident that it's not hurting me any!

Hopefully next week I'll have another good progress report to share.  

Take Luck,

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wedding Party Crasher

Like most people, I hadn't attended many weddings prior to my 20's.

That said, I never really thought about asking the bride questions regarding her dress, colors, and decorating choices once I started attending more weddings.  When my best friend, Tiff, got married, I was a bridesmaid, so I knew her colors and décor plans, and I was wearing a particular dress - making it super easy.

Soon after, I had a little experience I like to call, "That Time I Wore the Same Color Dress as the Bridesmaids... And I Wasn't One."

Now, you may be thinking - no biggy.  Now, let me tell ya - this experience happened while attending the wedding of my future-sister-in-law*.
*Cara, you should know this has nothing to do with me not being in your wedding party.  You hardly knew me then, sister.

Cara and Ryan's wedding was set for August.  I didn't know Cara very well yet, and Ryan and I were not engaged - so I was not at all surprised or offended that I would be attending this wedding as a guest. 

While vacationing in Hawaii in June (and after a few cocktails), I went with Mom and Rachel to the mall on Ala Moana in search for a dress that I would wear to this wedding.  I clearly remember making a statement along the lines of, "I need a dress.  And I need to look goooooood."  The choice came down to two.  One was teal with a native print (totally fashion forward at the time!), and the other was a solid navy blue that fit quite perfectly. 

Solid navy blue was the winner.  And it was less expensive.  Duh.

Fast forward.  To the next day.  Ryan proposes.  I say yes.  We are engaged.

Now I am even more excited to look goooooood in my navy blue dress.  And my engagement ring.

Fast forward.  To Cara and Ryan's wedding day.  Remember when I said that I never really thought about asking the bride questions regarding her dress, colors, and decorating?  Yeah, I really, really, really should have done that.  'Cuz I looked like a fool when on the wedding day, I stood there watching Cara and her friends get gorgeous and then realized I was wearing the exact same color dress as her bridesmaids.  

Beautiful bride and bridesmaids.  In navy blue.
I wasn't a bridesmaid... But I sure as hell looked like I was trying to be.  And I wasn't.  Wasn't trying to be.  It was so incredibly embarrassing.  Instead of being a Wedding Crasher, I felt like a Wedding Party Crasher!

Cara (bless her heart), being the wonderful lady that she is said I was an honorary bridesmaid.  It made me feel better and even more dumb at the same time.

Honorary, people!  With Doug, the photobomber.

So now, especially if I am close with the bride, I make sure I ask those questions regarding her dress, colors, and decorating choices because I sure as shit do not want to have that experience ever, ever, ever again.

My college roommate (and also best friend), Becky is getting married in November, so just the other day we were texting and I specifically asked what colors her bridesmaids are wearing.  Her response was, "Black.  But it's ok if you want to wear a black dress too!"

Ha!  No, no, my dear.

I think I'll wear neon green or pink.  That way there's no mistake.

Take Luck,

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tiffany & Joseph

One of my favorite things about softball (and growing up playing sports in general) is the many, many friendships that I have as a result.

Tiffany and I had played softball with or against each other forever.

She says she didn't like to pitch to me as a hitter.  But I will tell you that I hated (repeat, hated) facing her as a pitcher.  She was something else, folks.

We both had dreams of playing Division 1 softball, and our years of hard work paid off.  I went to SIU and she went on to Florida State.  Oddly (and fortunately) enough, we got to see each other almost every year during softball season.  SIU went down to play in a tournament at FSU twice in those four years, and other times we would just happen to be playing at the same pre-season tournament.

Here we are our freshman year.  Looking real good after the last game of the tournament.
Florida State University, 2005

After college we lost touch a bit (Tiffany stayed in Florida and I came back to Washington), but were friends on good old Facebook, so could keep up with each other.

Well, wouldn't you know that in June of 2012, Tiffany posted a little belly bump picture with a note that she was expecting Baby K on December 17th.  At the time, I hadn't shared our pregnancy news on social media yet but was ECSTATIC to see that our due dates were one day apart.  We started e-mailing and texting back and forth and it was so awesome to be able to talk with someone who was going through the exact things you were.  We talked about how we were feeling, baby registries, names... Everything.  Soon, we found out that we would both be expecting boys!  Wee!  Our pregnancies progressed, and due to measuring big, Tiffany and her husband decided to schedule a cesarean for Baby Joseph on December 11th (their anniversary!). 

On December 10th, when I started active labor, I remember (briefly) thinking, "Tiffany is having her c-section tomorrow morning.  Maybe we'll have our babies on the same day!"  And whattya know?  Camden James and Joseph Lenn were both born on December 11th.


In March, Tiffany and sweet Joseph flew to Washington to visit Tiffany's parents.  You know we had to get these babies (not to mention the mama's!) together for a little visit.

Here we are. Tiffany is holding Camden and I am holding Joseph.

I'm not sure the boys knew what to think of each other, but I'm confident they will be good friends some day!


The visit was so special.  Tiffany's parents were able to join and we all got to catch up.  Just like with our pregnancies, Tiffany and I got to talk about and compare Joseph and Camden's sleeping and eating habits, milestones, stories, and of course - Mamahood.

I am so grateful that we have gotten to go through this experience together.  If nothing else, I have someone who completely understands and sympathizes with how quickly these baby boys (and precious moments) are flying by.

Sending love from Washington to Florida!

Take Luck,
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