Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goodbye, Rat Tail Baby Mullet (First Haircut)

Have you seen Joe Dirt?  The David Spade movie where his character has facial hair that "just grows in all white trashy like that"?  

Well, Camden, who has worked a long and hard year for what hair he does have, was experiencing some sproutage that was "just growing in all white trashy" and starting to resemble a rat tail baby mullet.

Exhibit A:

It's disturbing how good I became at hiding the rat tail baby mullet with the "rest of his hair."  The "rest of his hair" could have stood a bit of cleaning up, too.

So, onto his first haircut we went.




My sweet little man cub - looking like a wee toddler from behind.  Now you can see just how cute his little noggin' is. 

Take Luck,

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  1. it looks like he handled his first hair cut like a champ! and i'll always love his little rat tail...and the Joe Dirt reference. that's a great movie.


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