Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Wyatt - 12 Months

I don't believe it.  I do not believe it.  But my little big, squishy baby boy is ONE.

At 12 months, Wyatt:

Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz (29th percentile)
Length: 29 1/3 in (31st percentile)
Head Circumference: 18 in (41st percentile)

- Growls a lot

- Is super ticklish and has the best laugh

- Bear crawls

- Might stand independently for a couple seconds.  I say might because most of the time he shows absolutely no interest in it

- Cruises along furniture and behind his push car but is not independently walking.  He also loves to push the kids' table chairs along the hardwood floor 

- His third tooth is cutting through the gums as we speak and the fourth is not far behind!

- Loves to feed people

- Starts throwing his food when he's finished eating

- Clicks his tongue

- Plays peek-a-boo

- Loves to play with cars, trucks, and balls - anything that moves!

- Plays catch

- Says hi, dada/daddy, mama, Bubba, truck (uck), book (dook), ball, and dog

- Blows kisses by putting his palm to his mouth and making a "mmm" sound

- Showing a little bit of a temper!  Wonder where he gets that from... Ryan

- Is desperate to keep up with Cam and Zo

 - Continues to be the happiest little squishy baby and thankfully just goes with the flow of our busy life

Wyatt Austin, you are the biggest joy and the most perfect caboose to the Peters train.  Thank you for being the happiest and most "go with the flow" kid that just rolls with the crazy and chaos of this family.  You are so, incredibly loved and adored.  I am so excited to see what this year bring for you and to watch you continue to discover the big, awesome world.  We love you, Squishy!

Take Luck,

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Wyatt - 11 Months

Is it normal to still be having daily flashbacks of a child's birth day 11 months after they were born?  Because that is me and it doesn't feel normal - but it also doesn't feel like 11 months ago.  The countdown to Wyatt's first birthday has officially begun.

At 11 months:

- No official height or weight but I would say he's around 20 pounds?  Finally starting to outgrow his six month clothing and some nine month clothing

- If I had to sum Wyatt up with five words right now I would use 1) happy, 2) BUSY, 3) loud, 4) verybusy and 5) veryloud

 - My memory isn't the best and six (almost seven) years ago was a long time but I strongly feel like he is busier than Cam was at this age and it legit terrifies me

- Claps his hands together

- Eye color still remains a mystery - I might call them hazel?

- Has two teeth!

- Adding more sounds and little words to his vocabulary - mama, bubba, papa

- Still loves to eat

- Finally ditched army crawling and is now crawling-crawling

- Cruises along the furniture

- Walks behind a little push car and it looks like he's going to break out into a run at any step

- Gives high fives

- Chases after any ball in sight and if I may say - has pretty remarkable hand eye coordination

- Can also throw small balls forward

- Starting to use his fingers when waving "hi" and "bye"

- Is starting to know/understand when we're heading for the bath and will kick his legs, screech, and yell in excitement 

Take Luck,

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Wyatt - 10 Months

OK, seriously.  This is not funny!  I swear I just did a 9 month post like... yesterday.  For sure last week?!  And this month made me realize that we are just two short months away from his first birthday - and that just doesn't seem possible.

At 10 months:

- If I had to sum Wyatt up with three words right now I would use 1) happy, 2) BUSY, and 3) verybusy

- Finally got his first tooth!

- Had his first ear infection

- Is getting louder (which is terrifying)

- Added "nanana" to his (short) list of sounds

- Sometimes I swear he says "all done" when you ask him if he's all done eating

- Loves to eat

- Smiles so big his whole face scrunches and sometimes his tongue will stick out too

- Warming up to crawling on all fours versus army crawling

- Spitting up so much less (thankyoujesus)

- Pulls himself up on all the things and then tries to climb

- Loves to knock all the things off the coffee table

- Can climb all the way to the top of our stairs

- Walks along the furniture

- Chases after any ball in sight

- Waves "bye" with his entire arm(s)

- Absolutely loves the bath and the pool.  We got him a little baby float for the pool and it's mostly useless because he just tries to crawl out of it

- Has a deep love for his people - Bubba, Sissy, Mommy, and Daddy

- Is so ticklish and has the best laugh! 

(P.S. I chuckled when looking for Cam and Zoey's 10 month pictures because it was very obviously that they were both very wiggly and hard to capture at this age too.)

Take Luck,

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Wyatt - 9 Months

Excuse me, but where on earth did the last half of May and the first half of June go?!  I mean, seriously.  Time is flying.

My baby boy is 9 months old!  Three quarters of his first year - done!

Weight: 17 lbs 14 oz
Length: 27 inches
Head Circumference: Big

(side note: the clinic's computers were down on the morning of his well check so I got his weight and length but no head circumference and no percentiles... and yes, it's bothering me)

- This child doesn't stop moving.  Like ever.  Why this is so surprising to me given the energy levels of his siblings... I don't know.

- Knows where his special basket of toys is and loves to dump them out at least 17 times a day

- Can pull himself up onto his knees

- Can pull himself up onto his feet

- Still says "dadadadada" and it's starting to hurt my feelings (kidding).  Most of the time he laughs at my if I try to get him to say "mama"

- Has THE best laugh

- Knows that his bib catches his food and will dig in there once his tray is clear. I find this brilliant and hysterical

- Likes to randomly smack his lips together 

- Absolutely loves the water.  Like will try to wiggle out of your arms and/or climb out of his pool floaty and try and do it himself.  And if you are giving him a bath you might as well wear a rain poncho and googles due to the splashing and kicking

- Doesn't seem to notice or get upset when I leave a room but definitely notices when I return from being gone for any length of time.  He's so happy to see me that he shrieks and laugh/cries from happiness

- Still toothless and it blows my mind

- Loves the vacuum (like squeals loudly when it's being used and will crawl/chase after it)

- If you sing him "Skidamarink" it will stop him in his tracks... or at least get him to hold still long enough to change his diaper or clothing

- Still loves all the food

- Working on learning the signs for "more" and "all done"

- Can sort of navigate down the single stair into the formal living room but can climb up that single stair without batting an eye

- Is the best baby in all the land

Take Luck,

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Zoey is FOUR

Our spunky, sassy, sweet, and sensitive girl is FOUR years old!  I went back and read her THREE post and while emotional, I found myself nodding because so much of it is still true despite her being a year older.

Height: 38 inches
Weight: 33 lbs 2 oz

- Loves to sing (loudly) and dance, perform, and tell stories

- Very interested in imaginative play with her dolls and Barbies, all of which she calls "dollies"

- Took several sessions of ballet at the YMCA and performed in their spring recital.  She looked absolutely beautiful, danced wonderfully, and loved being on stage

- Finally (finally!) potty trained after a good 10 months from when we started.  Her stubbornness (thank you, Ryan), and a new baby brother derailed us but she finally got it about 6 months ago.  The silver lining was that once she "got it," she was able to stay dry day and night

- Is about to complete her first year of preschool with Ms. Tiffany

- Best friends are Madalyn, Liberty, Emily, Grady, Logan, and Jack

- Tells me at least five times a week that she is going to marry Jack.  Jack also calls her a "beautiful princess" and she calls him her "prince."  Lord, help us

- Is showing herself to be a perfectionist in a lot of things and gets frustrated if she can't or doesn't do something right (sorry baby girl but you get that from your mama)

- Is such a girly girl.  Loves to play dress up, change her outfit 17 times a day, accessorize, wear dresses, play with make-up, and have her nails painted

- Even though she is a girly girl, she can hang with the boys for sure.  She is still fearless and wants to do anything and everything her Big Bubba does

- Had her top left, front tooth pulled after the dentist discovered it had been impacted by her fall out of the shopping cart a few years ago.  While I'm still adjusting to her smile (and in a way mourning the loss of that sweet little baby tooth), she smiles with pride and is always asking when the other one will come out

- We say a nightly affirmation to each other.  "I am kind.  I am smart.  I am beautiful.  I am important."  Then, I ask her who she is and she says (yells), "I am Zoey Grace Peters!"

- Attended her first Daddy Daughter Dance with Ryan and it was pretty much her best day ever.  She wore a beautiful dress and shoes, I curled her hair, applied a little makeup, and Daddy brought her a corsage

- She became a big sister to Baby Bubba and absolutely adores him.  She is my biggest helper and I hope she'll be a great little mama someday

My Zoey Grace.  I am so lucky to be your Mommy.  Everyday I feel grateful to have a daughter like you that teaches me grace, patience, and understanding.  You bring so much joy to our family and anyone you meet.  I find myself expecting a lot from you, and often - more than I should.  But it's only because you are an amazing little girl who is destined for big things.  I hope you are always true to yourself and remember that your are smart, beautiful, kind, important, and so very loved.  I love you to the moon and the stars, my little peach.

Take Luck,

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Wyatt - 8 Months

This month was fast and full of development for my little Pudge.  He continues to be such a joy.

- I'm not even exaggerating when I say that he's the happiest, most go with the flow baby in the world

- No official weight but I'm guessing he's around 16 1/2 pounds or so.  I'll know next month at his nine month well check

- He is so busy, so wiggly, so curious, and so social

- Super strong

- Snuggles his lovey, Mo, like nobody’s business. Seeing him do this when it’s time for bed is heart melting

- Starting to raise his hands up in the air to be picked up and reaches for people

- Responding to his name

- Loves, loves, loves food.  He's yet to try and food he doesn't like

- His hair is getting really long and lighter in color

- Eye color remains a mystery.  It's like they are a weird (and beautiful) combination of brown, green, dark blue and grey?  Is that considered hazel?  I don't know

- Started babbling "dadada" on Mother's Day

- Still army crawls all over the place.  His favorite floor time activity is to chase a ball across the floor

- Speaking of floor time activities, he also goes straight for the dog food and water bowls

- Loves to be sung to

- Adores (adores!!!) his big bubba and sissy

- I see A LOT of Zoey in his features

- Still toothless, which is mind blowing to me.  I think I started saying two months ago that those bottom teeth would pop through "any second now."  Shows what I know

- Switching to the "added rice" infant formula has been a huge game changer with this spitting up

- Took his first trip across the pass to Central Washington and was a little rockstar 

- Went swimming for the first time and absolutely loved it

- Is seriously the best baby in the world.  Ryan and I comment on how lucky we are to have him at least once a day

Take Luck,

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Wyatt - 7 Months

Thanks to lots of illness for Little Wy and me - this past month has been slow and fast all at the same time.  But he's seven months old and ready to take on the world!

- No official weight but thanks to lots of frequent doctors visits I know he's around 15 and a half pounds

- Is still quite the little piggy.  Has yet to find a food he doesn't like.  We've switched to "added rice" formula to try and help reduce his spit up.  So far it's helping!

- He's army crawling all over the place and often gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.  I feel like "real crawling" isn't far away at all

- He loves pulling every single toy out of his little toy bin

- He is trying really hard to pull himself up into my lap

- Is sitting up unassisted and loves being able to look around

- Waving?  Maybe?  Sometimes it seems like he is and other times it seems like he's found his hands and is just moving his arm so it looks like he's waving

- Loves the bath so much that I swear he starts flailing his body anytime he hears running water

- Loves his bouncy seat/exersaucer thing

- If finding his voice and experimenting with volume control

- Is so, so wiggly

- Still no teeth but man, I swear the bottom two are going to break through any minute 

- Is seriously still just so happy and so chill.  At a recent doctor's appointment - he fell asleep while we were waiting and then slept through the whole exam.  I warn friends that meet him that he will 100% make them want another baby because he is just perfect.

Take Luck,

Monday, March 18, 2019

Wyatt - 6 Months

Can someone please tell me where the second half of February and the first half of March went?!!  Life is moving faster and faster and I don't know why I keep expecting it to slow down - but I do.  The saying is true - the days may feel slow but the months and years are fast.

Wyatt is six months old.  HALF A YEAR!

- He weighs 14 lbs 5 oz (6th percentile), is 26.5 inches long (51st percentile), and his head circumference is 16.9 inches (46th percentile)

- This kid is a pig.  He squeals when he sees his bottle being made and brought to him and opens his mouth really, really wide for every spoonful of baby food that is offered to him.

- Speaking of food, we are giving him baby food but also adding in some baby lead weaning too.  He's tried cantaloupe, honey dew melon, chicken, BBQ pork, strawberries, and avocado

- Is just THE happiest and chillest little buddy in the world.

- Laughs A LOT.  Especially if I ask him if he's stinky or say "za poop!"

- Gets really happy when it's time for naps or bedtime - probably because he gets to see his lovey, Mo

- Is still spiting up like crazy.  We practically have to have burp cloths within arms reach at all times

- Still really loves baths and being naked.  He's taken his flailing to a whole new level and has actually flopped himself right out of his bath seat

- Can put his binky back in his mouth when/if it falls out

- Loves playing in the baby activity bouncer

- Working on sitting up unassisted

- He's starting to spin in little circles when on his tummy and is trying so hard to crawl

- Getting very, very wiggly

- Grabs onto all the things - hair, clothing, curtains, blankets, and faces

- Still no teeth but I feel like I won't be saying that for much longer

Monday, February 18, 2019

Wyatt - 5 Months

Man, that month went by fast.  That says a lot considering last week we were quite literally snowed in for many days.

Wyatt is five months old! 

- No official stats to share as he doesn't go back for a well check until six months.  We've managed to keep this kid (overall) healthy so far so he isn't nearly as familiar with his pediatrician as the other two were at this age.  My guess is he's somewhere between 13 and 14 pounds

- Not only did we start supplementing formula, but I stopped nursing and started exclusively pumping.  The combination has really done him good.  My milk is naturally really lean but I also don't think he was transferring milk very well when nursing

- Started to show some interest in food so we just started introducing baby food.  So far, he's tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, apples, and prunes.  This kid can hardly see over the highchair tray but he loves it

- He has the best laugh and I can get him going pretty good just by talking to him

- Is still so, so, so ticklish

- Loves to be sung to

- Drools like crazy, loves to blow raspberries, and spits up a lot so we go through three or four outfit changes a day

- Loves Mommy (a lot), Daddy, Camden, and Zoey.  He lights up for us all - especially his siblings

- Saw his first snow... all 18 inches of it

- A rolling over champ - back to belly and belly to back

- Reaching for and grabbing all the things - including hair and our dog, Raph

- Absolutely loves baths (and being naked).  He kicks and flails with excitement

- Is just the happiest, most content baby ever

Take Luck,

Friday, January 18, 2019

Wyatt - 4 Months

Four months old and it's going by lightning fast... blah, blah, blah.  I know.  Why is it that each kid seems to grow up faster than the one before?

Wy Guy is four months old!

At four months:

- He weighs 12 lbs 15 oz (8th percentile), is 24 1/4 inches long (18th percentile), and his head circumference is 16 1/4 inches (44th percentile)  

- We started supplementing formula and it has made a huge difference for his growth and his little bod.  I mean - look at those cheeks!  The first thing his pediatrician said at his four month well check was "where is his neck?!"

- Is so engaging.  This kid just smiles and laughs and babbles non-stop

- Nicknames include Wy Wy, Baby Bubba, Bubs, Pudge and Pudgie Wudgie

- Thought he was starting to favor me looks wise? But now I just see Ryan (and Zoey)

- Drools more than the previous two kids combined, I swear

- Has started blowing raspberries which just adds to the mess he normally makes with his drool 

- Is the most ticklish baby I have ever seen or met

- Loves Mommy, Daddy, Big Bubba Cam and Big Sissy Zo Zo

- Is really starting to favor Zoey looks-wise

- Celebrated his first Christmas

- Getting super close to rolling over from back to belly but get stuck on his side because his head is so big.  And it's not really "that" big but compared to the rest of his body proportions -- it is.

- Is a really good sleeper (knocking on all the wood) and will sleep anywhere from 10-12 hours overnight.  Naps have much improved too and they are anywhere from 1-3 hours

- Eyes are still a dark gray/blue.  Ryan thinks they'll go blue but I think they'll go brown
- Started daycare at Ms. Debbie's and has done so well with the transition.  He gets so much love and attention there from the teachers and the kids - it is no wonder he doesn't miss me

- Could be a serious competitor if there was a competition for the most wonderful baby in the universe.  I'm biased (I KNOW!) but he is just the best, best, best

Take Luck,

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