Friday, August 31, 2018

Almost Birth Time

It's almost birth time and I am counting down, willing the time to come, more so than my first two pregnancies combined.  I can't be sure, but I don't recall complaining too much the first two times around and I feel like I have MORE than made it up for that this time around. Looking back, I probably should have been more appreciative because right now...

- I sleep with no less than four pillows.  One under my head, one between my knees, one between my arms, and one behind my back.

- I turn over and change positions no less than 47 times per night.

- Ryan interrupted an unusual good stretch of sleep the other night by snoring and I have never been closer to smothering him with a pillow.

- Zantac is my lifeblood.

- Everything hurts.

- My feet are swollen and angry.

- I hear anywhere from 5-7 comments a day on my body - both positive (nice? thoughtful?) and not positive (are they trying to be nice and falling short? do they realize nothing they are saying is helpful?).  Ryan says I'm being too sensitive and I want to punch him in the throat.

- I'm suddenly much more prone to violent tendencies (see above)

- Cam is asking a lot of questions - like are the doctors going to "put me back together" with duct tape and glue?  I basically just answer "yes" to all of his little five-year old theories because I am too chicken shit to have a real, honest conversation about this whole process.

- Someone asked me the other day how I was feeling and I somehow managed to say with a totally straight face, "like a small human could fall out of my uterus at any moment... how are you?"

I truly am so grateful to be pregnant.  But I am beyond ready for this child to vacate the premises of my body.

Take Luck,

Monday, July 23, 2018

Third Baby

We announced that we were expecting Baby #3 in April and I’ve been meaning to talk about it since then.  Now here we are… at the end of July.  Sorry third baby.

First trimester:

-          Raw meat made me gag
-          Had a seriously heightened sense of smell
-          My gas could have literally killed a small child
-          Felt best while sleeping or eating; this may be why my ass is now so big
-          Gum was my soulmate.  Seriously was forever chewing gum, multiple sticks at a time
-          I coached Cam’s basketball team and it was a real treat
-          Had a dream that our Commanding Officer tasked me with a super top secret, time traveling mission
-          Cam was convinced from the minute we told him about the pregnancy that the baby was a boy and that his name was “Alex”
-          We heard a strong, healthy heartbeat at 10 weeks
-          It was typical for me to make something for dinner and then it sounded/smelled/looked horrible so I would then eat something else instead… only to lay down for bed and think “I’m hungry.  (What I made for dinner) sounds good.”
-          Was absolutely worthless and exhausted after 7pm

Second trimester:

-          Wondering where the “second trimester burst of energy” is from my first two pregnancies?
-          We found out we were expecting a baby BOY and Ryan hugged the technician
-  During the ultrasound the tech flipped on the 3D imaging and the baby looked eerily like his big brother
-          I coached Cam’s soccer team and it went better than basketball – although that’s not saying a whole lot
-          A handful of friends had new babies around this time and I was so happy I was already pregnant because holy cuteness
-          The kids (especially Cam) told me “your belly is so big!” and I keep telling him to “just wait…”

Third trimester:

-          I accepted that the “second trimester burst of energy” just wasn’t going to happen for me this time around
-          I started closing my eyes when being weighed at my OB appointments
-          Still can’t understand why I’m always so tired, despite being pregnant and keeping two active kids busy and out of trouble
-          Having lots and lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions
-          Every day I wake up after (not) sleeping well and vow to order a pregnancy pillow
-          The baby is currently breech and me thinks he has some hair on his head because I take Zantac twice a day for acid indigestion
-          I had a dream I received a SECNAV (Secretary of the Navy) Award for technical writing.  There is (obviously) no such award
-          I also had a dream that after I passed my glucose test that they called me to say “just kidding… you failed.”
-  Living on Zantac and prayers

We are so excited to meet the newest member of our family in September.  He is already one loved little guy.

Take Luck,

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Zoey is THREE

Our little firecracker is three years old and you guessed it - I cannot believe it.

Weight: 28 pounds 6 ounces (28th percentile)
Height: 35.8 inches (22nd percentile)

She is still this petite little thing, but I promise you that there is so much life and exuberance packed into every inch of her.  Her three-year well check sounded a lot like her two-and-a-half-year well check: she's tiny with above average speech and below average bowel movement frequency.

- Favorite songs to sing (aka belt out at the top of her lungs) are "A Million Dreams" from The Greatest Showman, Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus, and Crazy Girl by The Eli Young Band

- Favorite show is still Bubble Guppies and she is always requesting to watch "Hall-weeeeen Gubba Guppies"

- Favorite movies are The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast

- She's started the bedtime stall tactics and those have only increased since she's now sharing a room with Bubba.  My favorite is when she says "but Mommy, I just want to touch your hair."

- Asks so many questions and most of them start with, "but why, Mama?"

- Loves gymnastics and has transitioned really nicely from the tots class (with a parent down on the floor with her) to the regular toddler/kids class

- She tried ballet for one class but it was too slow for her style

- Still a fearless little thing.  As evidenced in gymnastics when she barrels down the tumble track and then leaps into the pit

- Not only is she fearless but she is tough!  She just wants to keep up with her big brother

- Potty training is super hit and miss.  She shows a lot of interest but not enough to be consistent.   I know we need to push this more but she's pretty stubborn so I am treading carefully

- Asked for a squirrel for her birthday.  A live one.

- Best friends are Grady, Liberty, and Logan

- Still a great eater.  Her favorite things to request are popsicles and "pirates booties"

- Very into princesses, dress up, and accessorizing with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, crowns, shoes, and purses.  Her favorite princesses are Belle, Elsa, Ariel, and Rapunzel.  She's also perfecting her curtsy.

- Loves to have her "painnails" (fingernails) painted

- Is becoming more particular about what she wears

- Wears 3T tops, 2T bottoms, and size 7 shoes

- Is an amazing combination of sweet and sassy

- Will say "I'm a nice friend" when she does something nice or thoughtful for me

- Nicknames include Zo Zo, Ladybug, Little Bear, Sissy/Sis, and Peaches

My Zoey Grace, you keep us on our toes.  I am so lucky to be your mommy.  You have the sweetest heart that is sometimes full of sass.  I hope you are always a strong willed creature.  You bring us so much joy and laughter with your funny and dramatic personality, your animated expressions, and your love for the most ordinary things.  You truly are a one-of-a-kind.  Always remember that you are smart, kind, important, and beautiful.  I love you to the moon and stars, my little peach.

Take Luck,

Monday, December 11, 2017

Camden is FIVE

Is it just me, or does this birthday seem like such a huge, huge milestone?  Maybe it's because my boy has been literally talking about turning five since the day he turned four.  He has grown up so much this past year, figuratively and physically - it has been the most bittersweet thing to watch.  I know I am incredibly biased, but he is one cool kid.

Weight: 34 pounds 6 ounces (9th percentile)
Height: 40 1/2 inches (11th percentile)

- Has become quite the sensitive little soul.  He gets scared and his feelings hurt easily yet is also very tough physically.  It's a weird combo

- Terrified of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  I'm thankful I can tell him that we don't have hurricanes or tornadoes in our part of the country because he's constantly confirming those facts with me just to be sure

- I assure him there are no hurricanes and then he says, "But there is a hurricane in the Little Mermaid!" and so I assure him that the Little Mermaid is just a story and then the conversation goes off into this tangent about whether or not the Little Mermaid takes place in "our world" (aka the planet Earth)

- He's super particular about his socks being on super straight and not having "bumps."  His shoes also need to be really snug on his feet.  That said, he loves wearing his rain boots which are as lose as could be so this boggles my mind a bit

- Loves hot wheel cars and his Cars diecast cars, especially ones with spoilers

- Obsessed with seeing spoilers on actual cars and is always asking if we can buy an actual car with a spoiler on it

- Loves soccer, t-ball, basketball, gymnastics, bowling, and swimming

- Wears 4T/5T tops and 4T bottoms

- Speaking of bottoms, he really hates that his 4T bottoms are too big in the waist and too long in length and DOES NOT want his pant legs to touch his feet or shoes

- Is a seriously great big brother.  He is always asking to tuck Zoey into bed all by himself and is always asking if he can go wake her up

- Favorite thing to eat is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

- We are having an on-going debate on who is faster - a cheetah or The Flash

- Is quite the spiritual little fellow, which is interesting to me because it's not something we discuss much at home.  He says his prayers every night without prompt or question and is quick to say that Jesus will keep him brave and safe if he's scared of the aforementioned natural disasters

- Went to Santa Cruz, California for the first time and I'm pretty sure he would have stayed there forever if we had let him.  While there I forced him to ride a log ride and I may have scarred him for life

- Favorite shows are PJ Masks, Paw Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Lion Guard, and Team Umizoomi

- Favorite movies are Cars 1, 2, and 3, Annie, How to Train Your Dragon, Peter Pan, Toy Story 1, 2, and 3, and The Little Mermaid

- Played his second season of YMCA t-ball with Mommy and Daddy and The Great Bambinos

- Played his second season of Tracyton Soccer with Mommy and Daddy and The Dragons

- Is perfecting his swimming and swims without a life jacket

- Seems to have a really good memory.  He can recall adventures, events, places we've visited, and conversations we've had with eerie accuracy

- Is very protective of his little sister

- He is the snuggliest of the snuggle bugs

- Tries to come up with any excuse in the world to not have to sleep in his bed and sleep in our bed.  He really hits me in the feelers when he says "but Mommy, I just want to snuggle with you" or "but Mommy, I just love you."  Other excuses are that he is afraid of bears or that moss is going to take over the city

- Obsessed with bath bombs and asking me to ask Siri how to say various words or phrases in Spanish and French

- Can count to 100

Now for an interview update:

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Movie: Tarzan
Favorite TV Show: PJ Masks
Favorite Animal: Elephant, giraffe, and zebra
Favorite Book: Pout Pout Fish 
What do you want to be when you grow up?: Superman
Who is your best friend?: "Everyone is my best friend!" 
Favorite thing to learn about at school: Jaguars
Favorite food: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Favorite Drink: Water and juice
Favorite Activity: Going to eat and play at McDonald's
Favorite Song: Jingle Bell Rock
Favorite thing about yourself: "I'm good at bowling"

Camden James.  There really are no words to adequately describe how much I love you and how proud I am to be your Mommy.  Of course, I'm biased, but you are one super cool little guy.  You are smart, funny, outgoing, and very silly.  People that don't even know you are always commenting on your energy and your happy demeanor.  You asked me this morning if I could believe you are 5, and I honestly can't.  Being your mom is such a joy and privilege.  It truly is an honor.  I love you, my Super Cam.

Take Luck,

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Zoey at 2.5

Sweet Jesus, she's two and a half.  I seriously swear that she just turned two and cannot, cannot, cannot believe she's on her way to being three.  It's also crazy to me because this is how old Cam was when she was born, so I'm feeling lots of feelings right now.

Weight: 25 pounds 4 ounces (13th percentile)
Height: 35 inches (38th percentile)
Head Circumference: 18 inches (5th percentile)

Her 2.5 year well check up went something like this: she's tiny with above average speech and below average bowel movement frequency

- This tiny thing is fearless. 

- Seriously loves to sing.  Favorites include ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Tomorrow (from Annie), and Let it Go (from Frozen)

- Favorite shows are Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, Mickey and the Roadster Racers (especially Minnie) and Puppy Dog Pals

- Favorite movies are The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Moana, Annie, and Finding Dory

- Loves playing with her baby dolls and calls them all "baby sister"
- Loves gymnastics and is perfecting her forward roll

- Sleeps in a big girl bed and does mostly very well.  At times I catch her out of bed - laying on the floor, covered in blankets, "reading books" to her "friends"

- Favorite people in the world include daddy, papa, bubba, Uncle Joshy, Uncle Ryan, and Chris

- Loves to say "Mommy guess what... I got a surprise for you" and then usually tells me it's an (invisible) cake pop

- Still a (mostly) good eater and far more willing to try things than Cam was (or is).  Also prefers to eat off other people's plates even if it's the exact same food on her plate

- Can out-eat me if we're having spaghetti for dinner

- Loves chocolate milk and popsicles

- Steals my La Croix

- Still puts all the things in her mouth.  I'm really waiting (impatiently) for her to grow out of this trait

- Wears almost all 2T clothing except for pants - 18/24 month bottoms fit her best.  Although, her little badonkadonk makes bottoms a challenge at times

- Has so much sass, attitude, and drama in her little body

- Flo is her soulmate

- Still has her Kiki (binky) but will be losing said friend at the end of December when I'm off of work for a whole week and can deal with her wrath and any potential sleep deprivation

- Learning more colors

- Loves to play dress-up

- Went to Santa Cruz, California for the first time and loved it

- Obsessed with "whipstick" (lipstick), juice, brushing her teeth, and "glubs" (gloves), gymnastics, and swimming at the YMCA

- Can tell you her name is Zoey Grace Peters

- Does not shy away from strangers and is always telling people, "I Zoey.  I fwee (three)."

- Best friends are Grady and Liberty

- Nicknames include Zo Zo, Beautiful, Little Bear or Baby Bear, Peaches, Little Peach, Drama Llama, and Sassy Pants

Zoey Grace, you rock our world.  I am so lucky to be your mommy... Even when you're yelling at me and telling me that I'm bad.  You have the sweetest heart that is sometimes full of sass.  I hope you are always a strong willed creature.  You bring us so much joy and laughter with your funny and dramatic personality.  There truly is no one like you.  Always remember that you are smart, kind, important, and beautiful.  I love you to the moon and stars, my little peach.

Take Luck,
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