Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brock(Lee) and Carrot Soup

This weekend we decided to start hand preparing Brock's meals again.  Our last hand preparing adventure included ground lamb, white rice, and a dicalcium phosphate supplement.  We tried feeding him this food for 6 weeks, and the results/benefits were not meeting the costs so we decided to go back to the gluten free dog food that we had been feeding him before.  The lamb and rice food wasn't making him better, but it wasn't making him worse either.  We were spending over $50 a week, and he was practically eating better than we were.  Enough said.

While researching online for anything I could find related to boxer food allergies, or dog allergies in general, I came across a "Cookbook for Your Boxer."  I figured shelling out $5 was worth seeing what sort of ideas and recipes (particularly the allergy specific menu) this cookbook could provide us.  This cookbook has so many recipes, but unfortunately, the allergy recipe is exactly the one we had tried before.  I tried to pick the most basic recipe to keep costs and my time spent in the kitchen to a minimum.  Rover's Raw Chow is what I chose.

So Sunday afternoon I cut up and boiled 7+ pounds of chicken, giving my thumb a huge blister in the process.  I also pureed a can of carrots, apple cider vinegar, plain yogurt and three eggs (including the shells) for each day of the week.  You can imagine what the puree product looked like - semi clumpy carrot soup.  Yum.  I started to panic and think, "There is no way Brock is going to eat this."  The recipe said I could puree everything together (including the chicken) depending on my dog's preference.  I put it to the test when I let the sweet boy lick the blender.  Ha.  What in the world was I worried about?  He went nuts jumping around the kitchen and crying for more of the orange goop.  Brock always went bananas in the mornings and evenings when he knew it was dinner time.

But now...           

Hey Brocky...

 ...You hungry?...

 ...You want some...?

 ... Some chicken?...

Here's to hoping this new food will reverse the hair loss, itching and redness on the poor boy.

Take Luck (and keep your fingers crossed),

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  1. awww brock! you are too cute!!! Hope the new recipe helps


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