Monday, May 30, 2011

Melt My Heart

My little sister, Rachel was in town so we hopped over to Josh and Haley's to see them and the munchkins.  It was a great afternoon to be outside so we made good use of the princess house, slide and various sports equipment that were in the yard.

These kids melt my heart.  Period.  

I just want to scoop them up, kiss their cheeks and hug, hug, hug them.  

Oh wait, I do that.

When were inside, Riley and I were playing a "game" where he would walk over to my left side and I would "RAWWR" at him.  Then he'd walk over to my right side and I would "RAWWR" at him again.  We continued this game for a few minutes.  Before I knew it, he was RAWWRing right back at me and puffing out his cheeks, looking super tough.

Cutest. Kids. Ever.

Aunt Rachel with Riley Boy

A super ferocious and terrifying, "RAWWR"

High five sequence #1

High five sequence #2

High five sequence #3.  High five complete.

Happy Memorial Day!

Take Luck,

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