Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Dog Lady

That's me.  I'm the dog lady.
I blog about my dogs because I don't have mini-mes.
How do you do?
Oh wait, let me wipe Brock's drool-slobber off of my arm and pants before we embrace in hugging.

Since Ryan and I don't have little ones yet, and won't for awhile, Brock and Sonny are our babies.  And whether you have been reading this blog for one day or for the last month, that is probably pretty obvious.  I don't know how many (and probably would be really depressed to count) blog posts I have written that involve or are about these two.  They are so darn cute and funny, and such a big part of our little family that it is really hard not to include them so often.  Brock and Sonny are what I practice my "photography skills" on.  How else am I going to take super-fabulous pictures of our little childrens when that time comes?

 Practice makes perfect.
Or is it perfect practice makes perfect?
Uh, moving on.

Brock is so silly that I think he thinks that I am playing with him when I'm trying to take his picture.

Sonny on the other hand, is totally onto my shenanigans and like the little ho-ski she is, turns her head to the side and points her little dachshund snout into the air.  Although, it doesn't take much coaxing and sweet talk for her to work the camera.  The word "treat" doesn't hurt either.

In my post a few days ago, Sonny Saturdays I talked about how much Brock and Sonny love their kiddy pool.  We have been having such gorgeous weather the last few days that we have been spending our evenings outside.  Ryan has been painting his bags set boxes in St. Louis Cardinals and Seattle Mariners theme (which I'm sure I will post about once they are finished), so the four of us have been outside together, soaking up the glory. 

Here's a look at our Tuesday (and now Wednesday) prevening (according to Sheldon on Big Bang Theory) in the backyard...

Our neighbors lilac tree/bush is blooming and spilling over the fence and into our yard.
I love it, Ryan hates it.

Brock loving the swimming pool.

This is what happens when you throw his ball in the pool... If he's not laying in it already.

Mmmm... Budweiser.

Sweet Sonny pawing at the floaties in the water...

 ... And now she's trying to eat the floaties.

 And last, but not least - the lovebirds.
Take Luck,

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