Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You Know You're a New Mama When...

... Your husband tells you that you smell good.  While this makes you feel good - you know it's because you recently broke your streak of several days without a shower.

... You contemplate getting dressed in "real" clothes but yoga pants and a nursing cami always win.

... You are getting ridiculously good at doing things one-handed.  Like typing this blog, for example.

... You feel refreshed after four hours of uninterrupted sleep.

... You give the random grocery store patrons (who look in on your sleeping baby in his carseat while you are grabbing something off the shelf) a real quick "I'm watching you. Like. A. Hawk" look.  And then a nice smile.

... You drive away from the coffee stand after you've paid for your coffee... Without the coffee.

... You use the world "blow out" several times a day.

 ... You notice yourself bouncing and swaying even when you are not holding your baby.

And, no post would be complete without a visit from the newly 7-week old, Camden.

Take Luck,

1 comment:

  1. 1. I LOVE his little butt. Can I say that?
    2. When did he become such a ham? I love all the smiling photos. Oh my gosh, I miss him already.


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