Friday, May 27, 2011

Yellow Monster

... Otherwise known as the vacuum.

Brock and Sonny are both slightly terrified of the vacuum cleaner.  And by slightly, I mean totally.  It doesn't even have to be on and they will run in the other direction.  It seems like any time I vacuum, Sonny cowers and ultimately gets stuck in a corner of one of the rooms and I have to turn off the vacuum so she can scurry out.  Even as she runs away she keeps her eyes on the yellow monster to make sure it doesn't vroom to life and come after her.

Our vacuum has several attachments.  And when you put them on, the game and the yellow monster change... At least for Brock.  I guess in Brock's mind, the vacuum cleaner becomes less dangerous and more like a big yellow toy that sucks air.  Every time I use the attachments he freaks out and I tell myself, "I need to get this on video."

Well, tonight I did.

I apologize for the loudness of the vacuum.  You probably can't even hear him growling at it.  I'm surprised one of his jowls didn't get sucked up in there.   

As soon as I turned the vacuum off and was wheeling it into the closet, he took off running scared again.  

What a weird-o.  

Take Luck,

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