Monday, February 7, 2011

You Give Me Fever

"Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me
I get a fever that's so hard to bare

You give me fever
When you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight
In the mornin'
Fever all through the night..."

My poor Hubby has a been fighting the flu bug the last few days.  What started as feeling funky has progressed into body aches, a fever which has gotten as high as 102+, lots of sweating, and a cough.  There hasn't been a whole lot I can do for him, but try to make him comfortable, force him to take medicine and watch movies in bed (not complaining about that one, ha!) :)  I haven't been the only one trying to nurse him back to health though.  I must admit I've had some help... 
For now I'll just keep hoping that he starts feeling better and that I can fend off the sickness... So if I do get sick, he can return the favor and nurse me back to health :)

Take luck,

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