Sunday, February 13, 2011

Demarle Rendez-Vous

Last night, I hosted a Demarle at Home "Rendez-Vous" party.  I got roped into hosting, was filled with regret and dread, and then figured I better buck-up and act like I want to be here if all these lovely ladies were coming over :)  It turned out to be a fantastic night, with lots of amazing food and a great demonstration of the products by the sales representative, Helen.  We made spinach artichoke tartlets, jalapeno cheddar tartlets, veggie pizza, peperoni pizza, nachos, bunt cake, brownies, and a lemon tartlet.  She also brought these fantastic wine sorbet treats that were basically little star/flower shaped wine popsicles :)  YUM!

Here is the group of gals (minus two that snuck away :)

How cute is Baby Eliyahu?!

Even Ryan and his buddy joined in for leftovers and dessert... And Bud Light :)

Me and my Mama

Check out Demarle at Home products!

Take Luck,

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