Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, it's official - I totally dropped the ball.  My previously mentioned cute-Mom blogs that I follow do this fun thing every month called "10 on 10."  "10 on 10" is where you take 10 pictures on the 10th day of every month to "document a snapshot of your life and find beauty in the ordinary things in your day!"

I guess since I can't take a camera (or pictures for that matter) to work, this might be a little difficult for me to accomplish.  Plus, I only have 1,000 thoughts of my Hubby, work, school, our pups, cleaning the house, making dinner, and yadadaddaaaada shooting through my brain at once... I'm not at all surprised I let this slip.  Maybe next month I will remember to give it a shot.  If I up my game and get some pictures taken in the morning before work, and take some after work - I could easily take 10!!... Right?  Hmmm...

On a side (and not good) note... This evening while trying to watch class, do some laundry and make dinner, I ran into the computer room/makeshift mancave to talk to Ryan.  As I scurried out of the room and back to my laptop I put my hand on the door frame to turn my body into the hallway.  This was a bad, bad idea.  Somehow, I perfectly placed my right hand on the thing that keeps the door closed/latched. 

Or what I now know to be the: strike plate; the protective metal plate installed in the door jamb that receives the latch or lock "tongue" when door is closed

And since I'm so speedy, I kept my momentum going forward while my ring got caught on said strike plate.  I immediately felt a tug, pop and pain, and then realized that my right arm had not followed me into the hallway.  If I was a swearing woman...... Oh wait, I AM!!  A few choice words were strewn about, I reclaimed my finger and ring from the strike plate, made sure everything was still intact, pushed the strike plate back into the door frame (yep, I about ripped it off)... And then cried.  My finger and knuckle swelled up enough that the ring isn't going anywhere soon.  Awesome.

And in case you were wondering... Yes, Ryan did comfort me during my discomfort and pain.  He said, "Hey babe, the door shuts pretty good now!"

Take luck,


  1. Lou,

    You know what you might light better instead of 10 on 10? has a list of 10-20 things each month as a Photo Challenge, aka you're supposed to artistically interpret the items on the list and practice photography (slash show your life through the photos). You can choose to link to the website so others in the Photo Challenge can see them, or you can just post on your blog to show us loyal readers. I did it in December ( ) and loved it...I'm thinking about hopping on the February train.

    Lovelovelove your blog!


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