Saturday, February 5, 2011

26 Truths and No Lies

1.  I was named after the models Lauren Hutton and Lauren Bacall, and my middle name came from my mom's best friend and my godmother, Marie Leona.  Hence, Lauren Lee.  My parents almost named me Berkley Claire.

2.  I am third in a line of four siblings (Katie, Josh and Rachel).  However, I have acquired two sister-in-laws (Haley and Cara) and one brother-in-law (Ryan) who I love just as much.

3.  I met my husband, Ryan while working as a Credit Manager at Wells Fargo Financial.  It was hands-down the worst job I have ever had, but I can't completely write it off the experience :)

4.  When I was in high school I drank three Mountain Dew's a day.

5.  I played softball at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale.  I chose SIU over the University of Georgia, Penn State and the University of Virginia.

6.  I am collecting Disney movies for when we (someday) have kids.  So far we have Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Despicable Me, Enchanted, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, Monsters Inc., Oliver & Company, Pete's Dragon, Pocahontas, Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3 and Up!

7. I have never been to Canada (but really want to see Vancouver and Victoria).

8.  This summer I hope to drive down to Astoria, OR and see the house from the Goonies, and the elementary school from Kindergarten Cop (one of Ryan's and my favorite movies).

9.  I have three nieces and a nephew - Jaiden, Mia, Kennedy and Riley.

10.  My favorite TV shows are Dexter and Grey's Anatomy.

11.  When I was little, I wanted to be a comedian.  Apparently, my jokes were so bad that my parents bought me a joke book.  I still aspire to be on Saturday Night Live (SNL) someday.

12.  My guilty pleasures include celebrity gossip, Teen Mom and Toddlers & Tiara's ("I want my ni-ni!").

13.  I love Haribo Gold Gummi Bears.

14.  I like to name our unborn children.

15.  I received my Bachelor's degree in Marketing.  I am pursuing a Master's degree in Engineering and Technology Management. 

16.  Our dogs, Brock and Sonny hardly ever get called by their actual names.  Instead, Brock gets called Brocky, Brocky Boy, B-Boy, Broccoli and Stinky.  Sonny gets call Sonny Jo, Sonny Bunny, Chubby Bunny, Sonny Bear or Baby Bear.

17.  My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins.  Which when I was little, I called Basketball and Robbins.

18.  When we have kids, I really hope we have boys.  Ryan is convinced that we'll have girls.

19.  I am a super picky eater.  It is mostly the textures and smells that make me not like certain foods.  For example, I hate the smell and texture of mushrooms and consider them to be infectious.  By that I mean that I can't (and won't) eat anything that has been cooked with or touched the mushrooms, because the food has been "infected" with the scent and taste.  I also have issues with squishy seafood (or any seafood for that matter). 

20.  I swear I have super sonic hearing and this makes me "noise sensitive."  Lets just say that forks (or other utensils) scraping on plates make me nauseated and start to sweat.  The dentist is always a traumatizing experience too. 

21.  I prefer flats to anything with a heal.  They hurt my feet and cause me to walk like I'm intoxicated.

22.  I like to sing in the shower... And in the car.  Basically any place that (in my head) I sound like a fabulous superstar.

23.  Our house is currently a light pink(ish) color with maroon trim.  Yikes.  We are hoping to change that this spring/summer.

24.  I like to keep a planner.  How else could I keep my crap straight?  

25.  If you couldn't tell from my previous "truths," I was an interesting child.  Until I was five or six, I think I resented my parents and the fact that I was a girl, and not a boy.  I wanted to be like my big brother.  Apparently during an outside game one afternoon, I cried (like the little girl I was) that I had to be on the "shirts" team and couldn't be "skins" :)

and 26.  I wake up every morning thankful that Ryan and I have the things we have; most importantly - each other.  

Take Luck,

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  1. Love it. I can't believe you had 3 MDs a day in high school. Although I had an ice blended mocha (which is like a milkshake) from The Coffee Bean nearly every day. I have not seen dexter or Grey's Anatomy, but I think I might try Dexter. I keep hearing about it and I like serial killers? I've heard it's good in a sick and twisted way.
    You are your hubby are adorable


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