Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Presidents and Aqua Verde

To celebrate President's Day (and, ahem... not having to be at work...), Ryan and I went across the bay to Seattle with my parents to meet up with my sister, Rachel and her beau, Spencer.  We had lunch at Aqua Verde, an authentic Mexican restaurant right on the campus of UW (the University of Washington) and along side Union Bay.

When we first got there, several patrons were ordering food to-go, and I thought to myself, "This place is kind of dead..."  It sure didn't take long for the small(ish) room to fill up.  We ate our meal and went on our way.  While Mom, Ryan and I tried to squeeze through the throng of people coming in the front door (like idiots)... Dad, Rachel and Spencer noticed that thing called an exit door that lead to the outside and avoided the mosh pit.  All in all, it was great to see Rach  (and Spencer, too) for a little bit.

The gang after lunch
       Does this look like an ad for North Face, or what? :)

Some other pictures from the ferry ride over.
Can you tell someone (surely, not me) got a fancy new camera for Christmas and wants to take pictures of everything???... Is it that obvious? 

Leaving Bremerton
View of Manette from the ferry
Lazy sea lions and birds on a log...
Another ferry headed toward Bainbridge Island
Good view of Seattle
I liked the way the sun was peeking through the clouds
Almost there...!

And here we are, the lovebirds :)

Hoping you enjoyed your weekend.  I'm already looking forward to the next :)  Weatherman is forecasting some nasty winter weather for us the next few days... No complaints here!!!

Take Luck,


  1. Great pictures.. Spencer looks like he is about 2 feet taller than everyone.

  2. Anyone could have missed the exit sign Lou Lou :) No worries there.

    And Spencer is about 2 feet taller than everyone haha.


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