Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Antique Shop Shopping

Since we bought our house last December I am always trying to think of ideas on how to decorate the interior.  One of my projects on the "To Do" list is to get the interior walls painted.  They are all currently white; which is nice, but a little "blah."  Our house is a one-story rambler, and much to Ryan's dismay he does not have a (dun! dun! dun!) MAN CAVE.  The closest thing he has to a man cave now is our computer room.

Anyway, when picking my Hubby up from work the other day, I noticed an antique shop on the corner.  Today, I had a few extra minutes before he got off so I decided to take a look inside.  After wandering this treasure trove of an antique store for a few minutes I spotted a collection of vintage metal posters.  After cruising through the selection, I found a few that I knew (well, hoped) that Ryan would love and could be put up in the computer room to help make it feel more man caveish. 
And as luck would have it... I found one for me too :)  I'm hoping it will go in the kitchen somewhere?? Maybe??

Take Luck,

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