Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mama's Beef Stroganoff

Tonight I made my most favorite meal, beef stroganoff, or more affectionately called - Stroggy.  Not just any beef stroganoff, but my Mama's beef stroganoff.  I thought it was only fair that I share this amazing recipe with you.

1 lb. stew meat
1 tbsp. flour
1 can Cream of Celery soup
1 tbsp. Worcestershiresauce
1 cup white rice
Sour cream

Brown stew meat in saucepan
  Once meat has started to brown, start boiling water for rice

Stir in flour to browned meat, then add Worcestershire sauce and Cream of Celery soup (you will notice in the picture that I went a tad out of sequence...)

Stir meat and sauce mixture, let simmer

Add sour cream to meat and sauce mixture.  The amount you put is really your preference.  I usually toss two big spoon-fulls in.

 I normally let this simmer until the rice is done cooking
And, voila!

Lay the rice down, and put the meat and sauce mixture on top.
Veggies and artisan bread are my favorite sides to this dish.

I hope you enjoy Mama's Beef Stroggy as much as we do.

Take Luck,

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