Saturday, May 18, 2019

Wyatt - 8 Months

This month was fast and full of development for my little Pudge.  He continues to be such a joy.

- I'm not even exaggerating when I say that he's the happiest, most go with the flow baby in the world

- No official weight but I'm guessing he's around 16 1/2 pounds or so.  I'll know next month at his nine month well check

- He is so busy, so wiggly, so curious, and so social

- Super strong

- Snuggles his lovey, Mo, like nobody’s business. Seeing him do this when it’s time for bed is heart melting

- Starting to raise his hands up in the air to be picked up and reaches for people

- Responding to his name

- Loves, loves, loves food.  He's yet to try and food he doesn't like

- His hair is getting really long and lighter in color

- Eye color remains a mystery.  It's like they are a weird (and beautiful) combination of brown, green, dark blue and grey?  Is that considered hazel?  I don't know

- Started babbling "dadada" on Mother's Day

- Still army crawls all over the place.  His favorite floor time activity is to chase a ball across the floor

- Speaking of floor time activities, he also goes straight for the dog food and water bowls

- Loves to be sung to

- Adores (adores!!!) his big bubba and sissy

- I see A LOT of Zoey in his features

- Still toothless, which is mind blowing to me.  I think I started saying two months ago that those bottom teeth would pop through "any second now."  Shows what I know

- Switching to the "added rice" infant formula has been a huge game changer with this spitting up

- Took his first trip across the pass to Central Washington and was a little rockstar 

- Went swimming for the first time and absolutely loved it

- Is seriously the best baby in the world.  Ryan and I comment on how lucky we are to have him at least once a day

Take Luck,

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