Sunday, August 18, 2019

Wyatt - 11 Months

Is it normal to still be having daily flashbacks of a child's birth day 11 months after they were born?  Because that is me and it doesn't feel normal - but it also doesn't feel like 11 months ago.  The countdown to Wyatt's first birthday has officially begun.

At 11 months:

- No official height or weight but I would say he's around 20 pounds?  Finally starting to outgrow his six month clothing and some nine month clothing

- If I had to sum Wyatt up with five words right now I would use 1) happy, 2) BUSY, 3) loud, 4) verybusy and 5) veryloud

 - My memory isn't the best and six (almost seven) years ago was a long time but I strongly feel like he is busier than Cam was at this age and it legit terrifies me

- Claps his hands together

- Eye color still remains a mystery - I might call them hazel?

- Has two teeth!

- Adding more sounds and little words to his vocabulary - mama, bubba, papa

- Still loves to eat

- Finally ditched army crawling and is now crawling-crawling

- Cruises along the furniture

- Walks behind a little push car and it looks like he's going to break out into a run at any step

- Gives high fives

- Chases after any ball in sight and if I may say - has pretty remarkable hand eye coordination

- Can also throw small balls forward

- Starting to use his fingers when waving "hi" and "bye"

- Is starting to know/understand when we're heading for the bath and will kick his legs, screech, and yell in excitement 

Take Luck,

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