Thursday, July 18, 2019

Wyatt - 10 Months

OK, seriously.  This is not funny!  I swear I just did a 9 month post like... yesterday.  For sure last week?!  And this month made me realize that we are just two short months away from his first birthday - and that just doesn't seem possible.

At 10 months:

- If I had to sum Wyatt up with three words right now I would use 1) happy, 2) BUSY, and 3) verybusy

- Finally got his first tooth!

- Had his first ear infection

- Is getting louder (which is terrifying)

- Added "nanana" to his (short) list of sounds

- Sometimes I swear he says "all done" when you ask him if he's all done eating

- Loves to eat

- Smiles so big his whole face scrunches and sometimes his tongue will stick out too

- Warming up to crawling on all fours versus army crawling

- Spitting up so much less (thankyoujesus)

- Pulls himself up on all the things and then tries to climb

- Loves to knock all the things off the coffee table

- Can climb all the way to the top of our stairs

- Walks along the furniture

- Chases after any ball in sight

- Waves "bye" with his entire arm(s)

- Absolutely loves the bath and the pool.  We got him a little baby float for the pool and it's mostly useless because he just tries to crawl out of it

- Has a deep love for his people - Bubba, Sissy, Mommy, and Daddy

- Is so ticklish and has the best laugh! 

(P.S. I chuckled when looking for Cam and Zoey's 10 month pictures because it was very obviously that they were both very wiggly and hard to capture at this age too.)

Take Luck,

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