Friday, April 3, 2015

The Easter Bunny

For tradition's sake, I decided to inflict torture on my sweet child again and we went to see the Easter Bunny yesterday.

I can't believe I didn't dedicate an entire post to last year's visit given the gem of a picture we came home with.

Anyway, I picked Hammy up from daycare, changed him out of his play clothes and into somewhat respectable clothes, and we met my mom at the mall.  There were a few families in line ahead of us, and there was only one employee taking photos and collecting payment, so it was moving rather slow.  I figured it would be ok to wait a little while, so he could watch the creepy bunny interact with other kids before it was our turn.  

We stood there, Camden waving and saying "hi" to the bunny, and telling me and Grammy what he wanted in his Easter basket.  For the record, he wants "trains, cars, bubbles, and coloring."  Not necessarily coloring books or crayons.  Just coloring.  Every so often we would ask him if he was excited and ready to sit with the Easter Bunny and he would initially nod yes, but then quickly shake his head no.

Our turn was up and much like his experience at meeting Pluto at Disneyland, he turned into Catatonic Camden and I knew we were in trouble.  I tried sitting with him to get him to stop ugly crying, but it was no use.

I really can't say that I blame the poor kid.  The bunny is super creepy.

Does it make me a bad person/parent that I was pretty confident he would react the way he did, yet I still took him?  Maybe, don't answer that.  I was comforted that he was fine once he was off the perch and wanted to see his picture.  My mom and I praised him and then got him a free spoonful of vanilla ice cream from Baskin Robbins (even though he requested "pancake" when asked what flavor he wanted).

Let's compare this year's photo with last year's.  Because honestly, who doesn't love a good comparison photo?  

I'd say he was slightly less terrified this year and fell more into the betrayal ("I thought you loved me?!") category.

It's hard to believe that next year we have the potential for two crying kids on the Easter Bunny.

Take Luck,


  1. I will totally be the parent that tortures my kids with the creepy Easter bunny just for pictures sake. Did you hear that I think it was Ben Franklin's did Easter pics with an ACTUAL bunny?! And the kids got to pick out what bunny they wanted to take a picture with! So cool!

  2. Paul and I cackled at this, then decided we cannot wait for kids solely for photos like this that we can embarrass them when they're older. Lovely!


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