Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Thanks to a 4:15am wake up call from one little big-boy-bed-fleeing bunny, our Easter Sunday was a very slow and quiet one.  After I escorted him back to bed, he did fall back asleep until 5:50am, which as sad as it is to admit, made me really happy and even prompted me to say, "Good job, buddy!  Yes, we can go downstairs."

Even though I know it's silly, I had a lot of fun picking out little things for the (ahem) Easter Bunny to put in Cam's basket.  Nothing crazy of course, but in his basket was a new Thomas & Friends train (Henry), a Bubble Guppies coloring book, jumbo crayons, bubbles, fruit snacks, and a small bag of M&Ms (that I am hoping to later use as bribery).  Cam really only cared about the new train, and couldn't have cared less about any of the other little goodies.  I may or many not have eaten his fruit snacks.

The Easter Bunny also brought Ryan this book and a sugar-coma inducing amount of candy.

We had planned on attending church service and an Easter egg hunt, but not only was early-rising-Hammy in no shape to have a late nap - this mommy was dog-tired and completely content on staying in her jammies and doing absolutely nothing.  I mean, totally getting some things done around the house. 

Ry and I hid plastic Easter eggs around our main floor and let Cam loose on the hunt.  I was so excited to see him get excited by each and every egg he found (especially the one's with two jellybeans inside) and proud that he made such big strides in his egg hunting abilities since last year.

After Cam's lengthy and much needed nap, Ryan offered to do the grocery shopping and I did not turn him down.  Happy Easter to me!

Depending on who in the house you asked, Sunday was either "Easter" or "MLB Opening Night."  I'll give you a second to figure that one out. Ryan was pumped to be able to wearing "matching" Cardinals jerseys with his best little buddy.

My parents came over for Easter/Opening Night dinner and I took the opportunity to get a not-our-Sunday-best family photo.  It may not be our Sunday best, but at least we got out of our jammies.

The smiles on both Cam and Ryan's face just slay me.  I sure do love those boys and feel very lucky to call them mine.
Take Luck,

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