Sunday, April 12, 2015

Taking Stock / 03

Camden is spending the afternoon with my mom and I am pathetically bored at home, with nothing but laundry to occupy my time.  How is it that he stretches me to my limits on a daily basis and I am wishing for some peace and quiet, yet when I have some peace and quiet I'm wishing for my Hammy?

It was just before Christmas that I did my last Taking Stock post, so let's just say that my Cam-less afternoon has turned into your lucky day.

Making: list upon list upon list of things I need to buy and do before this baby comes.

Cooking: steak fajitas.  Of which I will only be able to stomach the veggies.

Drinking: water.  Like it's my j-o-b.

Wanting: the next 6-7 weeks to pass by quickly and slowly all at the same time. 

Looking: at all these little baby girl clothes just waiting to be worn.

Playing: "Get back in bed" with Camden at bedtime since transitioning to a toddler bed.

Wishing: Camden didn't think it was so hilarious to get out of his bed.

Enjoying: feeling this baby have dance parties.  Sister has moves already, I can tell. 

Loving: any picture of Eloise and Rosie.

Pondering: if baby sister will have blonde hair and blue eyes like Camden or brown hair and brown eyes like her Daddy.  I would have bet big money that Cam would have had dark hair and dark eyes like Ryan. 

Considering: whether or not I should go shopping for a few more maternity items or just make what I've got work. 

Watching:  Season 4 of Parenthood.  

Needing: nursing friendly, light, and non-clingy postpartum clothes for the summer.  Joy.

Wearing: jeans, a comfy shirt, and scarf.

Following: @mommasgonecity and her #TheoandBeau series.

Noticing: that even though I feel twice the size I did at this stage in Camden's pregnancy, I look almost exactly the same.  For now.

Admiring: Ryan's hard work in the yard this weekend.  He bought and spread over 40 bags of mulch and it looks fantastic.  Side note, I ate a cookie while he loaded 15 bags into the car.  #proudpregnancymoment

Sorting: tiny baby girl clothes.

Buying: tickets for us to take Camden on the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad this summer.  Just seeing the train on the website got the little train loving turkey all in a tizzy. 

Getting: excited to meet our baby girl.  Duh.

Bookmarking: this because motherhood is really freaking hard and really freaking awesome.

Disliking: that baby sister's head is all up in my ribs but loving all her movement and ninja kicks.

Feeling: ridiculously excited that Season 5 of Game of Thrones premieres tonight.

Snacking: a lot.

Coveting: sibling Halloween costume ideas.  However ridiculously early it may be.

Wishing: August air fare to St. Louis wasn't as ridiculously expensive as it is.  Not cool.

Helping: myself to all the foot and back rubs I can pry out of my hubby's hands.

Hearing: this and always feeling appreciative of Grey's Anatomy's music selections. 

And because I can't not post a picture of my pride and joy.

Take Luck,

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