Tuesday, April 7, 2015

32 Weeks

At 32 weeks, The Bump compares baby's size to that of a squash.  That feels pretty accurate because this baby is certainly squashing my bladder.  Maybe that's why I go pee 72 times a day.

I'm sure you are dying to know what else is going on in my pregnancy, so I'll tell you.

I saw my OB Monday morning and all was measuring and sounding well in there.  I swear, there is nothing like hearing that little heart beat on the doppler.  My doctor assured me that she isn't concerned about the baby's breech position right now, and that I shouldn't be worried about it either.

Speaking of frequent urination, I have started using the inconvenience as an escape tactic for when a particularly long-winded co-worker sits down to talk to me.  Oh, you want to talk to me about your brother-in-law's drinking problem?  Darn, I have to go to the bathroom.  Yes, again.

I normally can exercise some amount of self control when it comes to sweets (let's be honest, exercising self control is about the only exercise I've been getting lately), but one day last week I made a special trip to a candy bowl on my floor.  I picked out a mini M&M and a mini Milky Way.  A crotchety, male co-worker said to me, "Are you sure you need both pieces?"  There were other people around so I laughed and said, "Don't judge me, Bill."  What I really wanted to say was, "Eff you, Bill," and eat the Milky Way in one bite right in front of his face.  And maybe throw the wrapper at him.

As the belly grows (and grows), the awkward belly touching is becoming more and more frequent.  I swear, if I even see one particular co-worker, even across the building/hallway, she will walk to me with her hands outstretched for a feel ski.  She's like a pregnant belly tractor beam and sucks me right in.

In the last few weeks Ryan and I started actually crunching the numbers for putting two kids in child care.  Let's just say I have thrown up in my mouth and had some heart palpitations about it more than once.  It is what it is.

The fact that my gas episodes haven't have killed Ryan is a frigging miracle.  Too much, I know, but honestly people.  

Finally, while I have remained pretty even keeled emotionally throughout the pregnancy thus far, I really lose it when watching television shows or movies that are even remotely sad or emotional.  Watching Grey's Anatomy?  I'm pretty sure I've cried at least once during each and every episode this season.  The Glee series finale?  Total basket case for the final 15 minutes.  And finally, like a complete idiot, I watched the last 30 minutes of Eight Below and ugly cried to the point that Camden was staring at me like, "What the hell, lady?"

This pregnancy is going by so fast.  It's exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  My friend, Alex, just had her baby (a girl!) yesterday, and I'm telling ya - as more of my friends and family have their babies, the more real it all feels.

Feeling all the feels, for sure.

Take Luck,

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