Tuesday, April 21, 2015

34 Weeks

Why is it that so many of the "This week, your baby is the size of a..." compare your baby to a variety of squash?  There has to be other large vegetables out there, right?  At 34 weeks, The Bump compares this little lady to a butternut squash. 
I kinda don't mind that comparison  because "butternut" makes me think of "butterball" and "butterball" makes me think of squishy cheeks.

Onto a super exciting pregnancy status update. 

I haven't been sleeping very well this pregnancy, which is totally different from my experience with Camden.  I don't think I had any sleep issues with him until the very end, and this was evidenced by all the whacky pregnancy dreams I had (and shared).  Recently, I must have been sleeping deeply for once because I dreamt that the baby's hand was coming out through my belly button.  Creepy.

Speaking of sleep, I have to do a three point turn when in bed and switching from my right to left side.  I think I previously described this as feeling like at turtle stuck on its back/shell.  There is some serious rocking going on to get my momentum up to change positions.

Last week I went into Sephora to restock some makeup essentials.  I couldn't find the shade/color of Bare Minerals foundation I was looking for and asked an employee for some help.   She said that of course she could help me, but first asked me to help her pick up some promotional material that had fallen on the floor.  Cue audible snort and eyebrow raise.  Just kidding, but I really wanted to ask her if she was serious.

I feel like my body is really started to "be pregnant."  The water retention is real and my feet get puffy at the end of the day.  Also, my hips and pelvis don’t lie and I can tell my body is starting to prepare for the big day because both are so very sore.  Relaxin hormones are rampant.  I have also noticed in the last two weeks that people at work first make eye contact with me and then their eyes immediately drift south to my belly.  I'm just waiting for someone to say, "Haven't you had that baby yet?" so I can mentally punch them in the mouth.  Also, I officially can't go anywhere in public without a stranger commenting on my pregnancy/belly.  Thankfully it's nothing rude - just lots of questions about my due date and the baby's sex. 

The other night Camden sang, in its entirety, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to baby sister and I hard core swooned.  I really hope his "excitement" for baby sister remains once she arrives.  We bought him a little baby doll to help practice how to hold a baby and gentle touches.  Sometimes he is super gentle and other times he carries her around by her feet.  Time will tell.

My 34 week OB appointment went really well, other than I still don’t know for sure if sister's position has changed from breech to head down.  Sometimes I think she has flipped but then other times I feel like she is tap-dancing on my bladder.  We will have an ultrasound at 36 weeks to check/confirm her position, as well as her size/growth.  I'm measuring small for dates and just want to make sure that she is a "healthy small" and not an "unhealthy small."  Plus, I'll accept any chance we get to peek in on the little ladybug.
Until 36 weeks.
Take Luck,

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  1. Bright side: I don't think Cammy's strong enough yet to pick up Baby Peters by her feet. :)


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