Monday, May 4, 2015

36 Weeks

From the looks of this blog, you'd think this pregnancy was consuming my life as that's all I seem to talk about.  Rest assured that while it's a big part of my life, I do not just sit here caressing my ever expanding tummy and daydreaming about this baby girl.  Well, maybe I do a little bit.

Mom and I got to take a peek at my little honeydew this morning via ultrasound.  I am happy, happy, happy (OK, thrilled) to report that she is definitely head down and weighs a very healthy 5 pounds 15 ounces, give or take whatever the margin of error is on the ultrasound.

With all the Braxton Hicks contractions, sporadic real contractions, and cramping I've had the past several weeks - I was very excited to hear that changes are indeed happening on the dilation and effacement front.  My hope is that this little bug will greet us with her presence a little early (emphasis on the little) but I am well aware that I could stay like this without anything truly happening for the next several weeks.  What will be, will be.  

I had my Strep B test and they also drew blood to check my platelet count.  I don't care what my platelet count is so long as I am in the clear for an epidural.  Judge away, but hear me roar that I have nothing to prove.  I'm going in with the mindset that we'll see how labor goes, but I will not hesitate to ask for the juice if I feel so inclined.

What else has been happening recently? 

We finally got the lead out and moved furniture into baby sister's room and I've slowly been hanging things on the wall.  I seriously could enter a contest for the world's most inept interior designer and the 20 texts and pictures I sent to my Tiff asking for her help/opinion would solidify my nomination.  Aside from the prints my college roommate, Becky designed for me - her room is by no means Pinterest worthy, but it'll do.

Baby has had the hiccups several times in the last two weeks.  I swear Camden had them all the time and from very early on when in utero, and she only just recently started.

The comments I mentioned have begun in the form of "Woah," "Isn't it almost time yet?" and "Oh, you still have that many weeks to go?"  Let's just suffice to say that I've perfected the smile, nod, and "watch it" awkward laugh.  I also really enjoy the men that put their arms/hands out to mimic the size of my tummy - as if I'm not aware.  The funniest part to me is that I don't think I'm that big, so what the hell, people?

The reality that Camden's time as my baby boy/only child is really starting to set in.  Most of the time, I keep my composure and concentrate on the positives of this change, but there are definitely times when I burst into tears.  Between working full time and putting him in daycare, and now only weeks away from rocking his world - my mommy guilt is dangerously high.  I'm trying to soak up and be intentional with all the time I have left with just my Hammy Cammy.

My cousin came over from Seattle this past weekend to take some maternity and family photos of us and I am really, really excited to see them.  She is out of town for the next 10 days, so in case you are wondering, I'll be over here practicing patience until she sends me the goods.  I'll be sure to share.

I'm a real spectacle as I hustle to the bathroom 80 times a day.  Last week I was on my way to the bathroom when I felt a sneeze coming on, so I picked up the pace and was silently pleading with myself, "Don't sneeze! Don't sneeze!"  Sneezing and I are not on the best of terms right now and I would imagine our relationship will continue on this course for quite a while.

I officially see my OB every week from here on out.  

Now excuse me while I go sanitize binkies and bottles, and pack my hospital bag.

Take Luck,


  1. You look amazing! And, I love this post - I'm with ya on the epidural!


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