Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dreams (Part 2)

The vivid and bizarre dreams just keep on coming.  Back in June (which feels like forever ago) I shared with you some of the weird dreams I'd been having.

Today is your lucky day, 'cuz here's some more:

- Kittens were coming out of a hole in the wall.  This would be odd enough in itself, but it gets better.  The kitties were an assortment of neon blue, neon green, striped neon blue and white, and a lonely (and normal) gray.

- This one is recurring.  I dream that I fail to completely stop at a stop sign and there happens to be a police officer who is watching me.  Apparently I have a guilty conscious while sleeping because I then speed away (and am apparently close to a highway).  Once on the highway, I fail to slow down enough to take a turn and my car flips off of the highway and onto the ground below.  When approached by the police officer, I deny any wrongdoing.

- In some city, Ryan and I are sitting in the Forester.  Just then, a huge (OK, giant) semi-truck busts through the concrete highway barrier and is literally falling/flying right toward us.  The truck crushes the car completely, but we manage to survive and get out of the car.  Somehow we were oblivious to the fact that the city around us was turning to shit as people are not alive but not dead.  Zombie-esqe, if you will.  We run to a near by building to hide and discover that just by pushing the buildings - we can rearrange the layout of the city and therefore hide from this chaos.  Finally, we grow tired of hiding and decide that we should get back to a car (any car) and drive away.  As if by magic, we see that the Forester has resumed her pre-giant-semi-truck-crushing state but is being inhabited by the crazies.  We then start a huge fire to serve as a distraction and run away.

I'd love to talk to a dream analyst and figure out what the heck all of this means - if anything.

I am having no issues sleeping (obviously!) and we still have four months to go, people.  I can't imagine what this noodle will dream up next.

Stay tuned.

Take Luck,


  1. How very Inception of you for the last one! "Let's just move these buildings here...yeah, and then make a new road here."

    For the record, grey kitties are the cutest.

  2. Whoa, baby. Those are some intense dreams. Your little one is going to have quite the imagination! :)

  3. your dreams are crazy! i'be had a few hum dingers too. mine are very random. at least yours make sense. and LOL LOL at the neon kitties! haha.

    had fun reading through your blog. congratulations on the upcoming noodle! so exciting. you are way cute.


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