Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cam Meets Santa

I'm really becoming a poor excuse for a blogger lately.  And the fact that I have to preface every post with that sentiment is telling me that I need to buck up or stop.

This past Friday was my day off so after Cam's nap time, I pulled his literally little man clothes out of the closet and we made our way to see Santa.  

Based on his reaction to the Easter Bunny, I found myself (again) setting the expectations bar very low for this experience.  When we got to Santa, we were behind two other families, and I was happy to be.  I hoped that would give Cam a chance to look at the big guy from afar and see that it wasn't so scary.  Well, it became our turn and my little guy who had just been "ho ho ho-ing," and pointing to all the trees and balls (ornaments) was not moving, and had a death grip on my hand.

I sat down next to Santa with Cam on my lap first, asked the photographer to take a photo, and then promptly handed off, got up, and ran behind the camera saying, "Go! Go! Go!" to the cameraman.  The jerk (not really, I'm just being dramatic) only took two photos and this was the "best."

Don't get me wrong - I love the crying-babies-with-Santa-photos, but I was hoping for better.  Maybe more of an sad crying face?  Does that make me a bad mother?  Either way, it's another good future blackmail tool.  And don't worry - the lip tucked back in and the tears stopped as soon as Santa gave him a sucker.

Ryan likes to point out that this is a complete waste of money, and I can't say that he is incorrect, but I hope this is a tradition that we can continue for a long time (even when we have to bribe Camden to get up there) and compare that photos over the years.

It's hard for me to believe that this is Cam's third time meeting Santa.

Last year I'm pretty he was overall clueless and didn't realize what was happening until it was already over.

The first time, when he was only four days old and out cold, I was so worried that Santa was going to drop him that I didn't even want to ask him to try and prop him up a little more.

Here's to traditions and traumatizing your kids.

Take Luck,

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