Monday, December 9, 2013

Cam Meets Santa

Yep, we're still alive.  I've just been in quite the blogging funky funk lately.

Moving on.

Several weeks ago, after Camden managed to get a hefty scratch on his cheek in the morning and gash his eye on a coffee table in the afternoon, we made the trek to see Santa Claus.

Last year, at the tender age of 4 days old, I made Ryan and my in-laws go with me/us to meet Santa.  I knew it was going to be a giant waste of money ($19.99 to be exact), but knowing that it was Cam's first Christmas was reason enough for me to start the tradition of photos on the big guy's lap.  I think that my constantly changing hormonal state was reason enough for Ryan and my in-laws to not question my motives.

Obviously, Camden was overjoyed.  He slept through the entire visit.

This year, after the aforementioned face scratching and eye gashing, we popped out to the mall on an early Monday evening.  (Note to self: always, always, always go see Santa early in the season and early on a Monday evening.)

No line, quality warm-up time with a wonderful Santa which included all three Peters on Santa's lap, and then this little gem.

Immediately after the photographer elf snapped this, Camden looked at Santa, looked at me, looked back at Santa, and then the lip stuck out and all horror broke out on my little love's face.  I hoped she got a shot of him crying (is that bad?), but she didn't.  Too bad, because I totally would have bought it for a keepsake.

Oh, traditions!

Take Luck,

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  1. Cam is the cutest. I love that he slept through his first visit! :)


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