Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Taking Stock / 02

It's been awhile since I last took stock.  With it being two days until Christmas, why not reflect upon the crazy?

Making: Puppy chow.  Not the puppy kind, but the human kind.

Cooking: Ryan's grandma's sausage rice for Christmas Eve.

Drinking: Lemonade.  Lots of lemonade.

Reading: The First Family by David Baldacci and Thomas' Tales of Discovery.  Over and over and over.

Wanting: Christmas Day to pass by slowly.

Looking: at my growing belly.

Playing: "Ready, Set, Go!" with Camden.  This is where he backs himself up against his kitchen, and when I say, "Ready, Set, Go!" he runs into my arms and I lift him up into Superman.  It is exhausting.

Wishing: Camden didn't like "Ready, Set, Go" so much.

Enjoying: the holiday season in all it's crazy glory.

Loving: that as of Thursday, I will have seven days off work.  Amen, hallelujah. 

Pondering: whether this little baby is a boy or girl.

Considering: baby names.  So many baby names.

Watching: Christmas movies.

Needing: stretchier pants. 

Wearing: a comfy, cozy sweatshirt.

Following: @itsahuntlife on Instagram (tales of me and the husband) and swooning at pictures of her new squishy baby. 

Noticing: Camden's weekly gymnastics class is making him brave and adventurous when it comes to climbing on and jumping off things.

Admiring: the Christmas jammies I found for Cam.

Sorting: Christmas gifts. 

Buying: last minute gift cards and stocking stuffers.

Getting: really, really excited to see Camden's face on Christmas morning.

Bookmarking: tips on transitioning a child from a crib to a toddler bed. 

Disliking: the fact that Camden will no longer be confined to his baby cage.  I kid on the baby cage part.

Feeling: unlucky when sneezing.  If my bladder is even remotely full - I'm in trouble.  Too much?

Snacking: on anything and everything.  This mommy is hungry.

Coveting: next year's matching Christmas jammies for Camden and his baby brother or baby sister.  Which one will it be?!

Wishing: it was January 5th so we would know the sex of this babe.

Helping: myself to as much puppy chow as I want.

Hearing: this song and getting the chilly chills every time.

Take Luck,

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