Friday, June 29, 2012


I have always had vivid dreams.  Or, so I thought.  Apparently, I didn't know vivid until I became pregnant.

Not only have my dreams been vivid, but they've been weird.  Bizarre, even.  Let me enlighten you.

-  Right after we found out - I dreamed that Ryan was not only accusing me of not really being pregnant, but insisting that "my ovaries probably don't even work!"  Huh?

- Ryan and I were running a choose-your-own obstacle course.  One moment we would be running and obstacle-coursing together than then the next, Ryan would be gone.  This obstacle course involved crawling through a building without being seen, jumping off a cliff, and zip-lining over a ravine.  In the dream, Cara, Webb, and Liam picked us up when we finished the course (and Ryan and I were magically reunited).  Here's where it got really weird.  We stopped at a gas station.  Ryan, Cara, and Webb all got out of the car - leaving me alone with Liam.  While everyone was in the car, Liam was baby-babbling away.  As soon as it was just me and him, he turned his head and clear as day said, "Hi."  He continued to name all the members of our family and then recited the books of the bible.  Yeah.  I could not make this stuff up, people.

- Ryan and I bought a new, beautiful house that was on a lake.  Little did we know, there was a underground grocery store being run underneath this house.  When we discovered it, the shoppers were looking at us like we were the ones out of place.

- At one point I dreamed that I was inside an ultrasound.  Like, Magic School Bus style - I was inside my own uterus with a front row view of our baby.  Baby was a boy.

- I recently dreamed that I was playing second base for the St. Louis Cardinals.  For whatever reason, Mike Matheny decided that I was the best gal for the job.  I kept telling him that I'm a softball player... Not a baseball player.  He ignored me, and in the dream I made a complete fool of myself and was booed by the fans.

- Don't worry.  Because the next night I totally redeemed myself by pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  As in, the pitching I did all through high school - not overhand.  I was smokin' and sitting them down left and right.  Take that, Cardinals fans!

- After Rachel and my cousin Kristen ran the Seattle Rock 'n Roll Marathon - I dreamed the three of us were running a marathon in San Fransisco until a rampant tornado destroyed the city.  And we walked back to Seattle.

So, there you have it.  Totally bizarre, no?

Something tells me this will Part 1 of a series of crazy-pregnancy-dream posts.

Take Luck,


  1. For the record.. I think you'd be an awesome 2nd baseman for the Cards!

  2. Is it okay that I giggled throughout reading this?! So cute and so hilarious.

    And maybe you're having a boy! Your body Ryan is probably ecstatic just thinking that your subconscious thinks the baby is boy.

  3. Dreams don't really mean anything. Dreams are the imagination of childhood desires or impulses. Freud studied dreams to understand the unconscious.


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