Monday, June 11, 2012

Dear Monday

Linking up with Megan for Dear Monday!
Dear Monday, I would have appreciated a good night's sleep after a very long and busy weekend... But, no.  Let's see if we can't change this tonight.

Dear Kennedy, I asked your Mommy yesterday how your little puffy lip was doing.  She told me that it wasn't so puffy, but a little black and blue.  Awesome.  Now you look like you've been assaulted.  Aunt of the year, right here.

Dear Baby Alex, Your Mommy and Daddy came over to watch a movie with us on Friday night, and I had the pleasure of spending more time looking at your cute face than actually watching the movie!  The best part was when you fell asleep on me and we snuggled for quite some time.  I totally hated that.

Dear Comcast, I called for help this evening and I swore that if your customer service lady said, "Uh yes, Miss Peters..." one more time - I was going to scream.  And make punching motions with my fist.

Dear New Job, We will get real acquainted with each other on Monday.  Now if only this week would fly by.  It gets challenging when I have transitioned all of my work already.  Hmmm.

Dear Hubby, We had dinner at Azteca the other night and when asked for your order, you asked for a "Pico de Gallo Burrito."  The waiter looked at your with a very puzzled expression, and we then determined you meant to order a "Carne Asada Burrito."  Sheesh.  Let's stay away from Mexico.

Take Luck,


  1. Pico de gallo burrito sounds gross, so 10pts for your waitress who was like Naw, sir, you don't want that ish. Ryan's hilarious.

    1. The look at the waiter's face was priceless. We gave Ryan hell for it the rest of the night :) He's funny even when he isn't trying!!

  2. You have a new job?! Yay! What will you be doing?? Hope you were able to get some decent sleep last night, lady. =)

    1. Yes! A new job! I'm still working at my same command, just doing something totally different than I have been. I'll be interacting a lot with international customers and marketing some of our products. I can tell you more about it IN PERSON when you move to Washington :)


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