Sunday, July 1, 2012

15 Fun Facts

Day 1 of Sar's 15 Day Challenge!
Hmmm.  Fifteen fun facts about myself.  This should be interesting.

[1] When I first read this prompt, I immediately thought of the movie "Eurotrip" and the part when Cooper says to Jamie, "Here's a fun fact.  You made out with your sister, man!"  I have a wild tendency to make these sort of connections.  
[2] I like looking up movie trivia on IMBD.
[3] My feet are very ticklish.  This makes pedicures super fun.
[4] I am extremely noise sensitive.  I hate the sound of fingernails being cut/clipped or filed on an Emory board, forks scraping on a plate, and gum chomping/snapping.  Not only that, but once I hear a noise that irritates me - I cannot block it out or get it out of my head.  It just gets louder and louder.  I've considered seeking hypno-therapy for this issue.
[5] I have kept a planner since the 7th grade.
[6] I prefer to sleep with one leg outside of the covers.
[7] My little sister and I love to sing Broadway show tunes.  Once, when we were on the ferry (and apparently in our own little world) we were deep into a number from Mamma Mia when an older gentleman interrupted us and asked if we were auditioning for the play.  Embarrassing.
[8] I spend one hour every Sunday preparing Brock's food for the week.
[9] While playing softball in college - I played every position in the infield at one point or another.
[10] My favorite snack is tortilla chips, sour cream, and salsa.
[11]  I share a birthday with my nephew, Liam.
[12] Only recently did I finally catch the joke in Dumb & Dumber when the cop tells Harry and Lloyd to "pull over" and Harry responds, "No, it's a cardigan - but thanks for asking!"
[13]Sometimes I talk to our dogs like they are people.
[14] Two of my favorite shows are Dexter and Weeds.  Is it wrong that I love two shows that happen to be about a serial killer and drug dealer?

[15] If I could quit my job and become a professional photographer - I totally would.

Did you learn anything new about me that you didn't already know?

Take Luck,


  1. 1) What is hypo-therapy? Do you mean hypno-therapy? Regardless, it's hilarious-sounding.
    2) I too sleep with a leg outside the covers! I can't be confined to a bed.
    3) Let's quit our jobs and become professional photographers! Our business can be Lou and Lake Photography. It would rock.

    1. 1) Oops. Definitely meant hypno-therapy. I fixed it to avoid any further confusion :)
      2) I don't wear socks to bed either... Unless the power is out.
      3) I think that is a fantastic idea. It would totally rock!!

  2. Love your list and glad I found your blog! I'm with you on keeping a planner and I totally talk to pets like they're people :)

  3. I love IMDB! It's the first thing I do whenever we get home from the movies! Cute blog :)

  4. The cardigan comment is my favorite line from that movie. Fantastic. Just fantastic. I, however, did not hear the Broadway singing on the ferry story. Too funny!

  5. I look up everything on IMDB (and Google too)...I'd be lost without it.

  6. Do other people not talk to their dogs? Mine are definitely my best conversation partners some days :)


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