Thursday, June 21, 2012

Changing It Up

After a little thought and a quick consult with my dearest Sar - I decided to change things up on the 'ol blog.

New header

The web address has changed to, but if you use the previous link - you will be redirected.

I was growing very tired of my random blog title.  It was fine for the start of my little blog, but since it's evolving to be less random in content (or so I hope!) - I wanted things to look a little cleaner and focus more on what I'm blogging about - my life, our life.

Growing up I went by several nicknames, but most everyone knew me as Lou or Louie.  This was the case until I got to college and a teammate of mine's last name was Louis and she went by Lou/Louie.  This caused lots of confusion, but I learned to stop turning around when I heard it.

So, here we are.  You are living in Life With Lou and I'm glad to have you along for the ride.
Take Luck,


  1. I love this.. looks great -- and so glad you went back to one of your early nicknames. Sweet Lou!!!!

  2. Great new layout and title!!

  3. Looooove it! You're wonderful. And you will always be Laur or Lou in my heart!

    You're amazing.

  4. Love the new look & the new title! Very, very cute :)

  5. "Replace it" is commonly used to change or modify a verb, using a valid method or procedure. So that people do not get bored with it.


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