Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Belly Band

Today was a turning point for me.  It was time to break out the belly band.


Obviously, the picture is not of me - but it was the least creepy photo I could find of the belly band in use.

While getting dressed in the dark so to not wake my sleeping Hubby (as usual), I noticed that my work pants were not coming together as easily as they did last week.

I expected this, as we are in week 15.  As of Saturday afternoon, I still had my belly band in the package it came in (from my favorite mother and sister-in-law) and had just taken it out having sensed the need for this glorious piece of spandex was nearing.  I was confident that my pants would continue to fit me in my butt, hips, and thighs.  But the tummy, not so much.

 I probably could have gotten my pants buttoned and zipped this morning.  The challenging part would have been sitting down, breathing, and eating without flinging my button off into the next cubicle.  Let me tell ya - the belly band was a wise, wise choice.

The best part?  I sat at my desk all day, and interacted with my co-workers feeling like I was holding onto a little secret.

"You have no idea.  But my pants are not buttoned.  Or zipped."

This belly band and I will become close friends in the coming weeks.  I can feel it.

Take Luck,


  1. i've never heard of the belly band. i thought you just had to buy maternity pants. sweet! PS i'm disappointed it wasn't a pic of you with the belly band!

    1. The belly band is a savior! You can still wear your regular, non-maternity pants even though your belly is growing! Totally fab. Eventually I will get the guts to post a belly photo. The belly is growing/expanding fo sho. Maybe I'll send you one in private :)

  2. I don't actually know what this is, but kind of awesome. Also, I agree with tiff, let's see your tummy!!

  3. Belly bands are designed to support the lower back and abdomen during pregnancy. The second and third trimesters can provide many benefits.


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