Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Monday

Writing Dear Monday letters for the week with Megan.

Dear Monday, My three-day weekend was jam packed.  I needed another Sunday before being shoved back into my 5am wake-up routine.

Dear Rachy's Graduation Party, I cannot speak for everyone, but Ryan and I had a great time.  Perhaps the greatest entertainment was me continually circling the food table sans plate and noshing on everything in sight, the "baby tigers" that were crawling through the living room, and the "monster" that was tormenting the baby tigers.  I can't say enough about how proud we are of our Rachy.

Riley the Monster

Ara, Baby Tiger #1

Kennedy, Baby Tiger #2

Dear Tiff, I'm thinking that whenever I make my trip to Ohio (in the near future), we should have a Star Wars marathon.  Just a thought.

Dear Kennedy, On Friday, you were completely obsessed with my little tummy and the baby growing inside - touching, pressing your ear to listen, talking to him/her, and lifting my shirt to get a better look (not at all awkward).  If anyone else had continually told me, "You're getting fatter..." I may have cried a little.  But because it was you, I'll let it slide.  Especially since you offered to give the baby your blanky.  You reminded me that you do have two!  I love you, kiddo.

Dear 15 Weeks, Where on earth did you come from?  My belly is slowly expanding and I'm totally OK with that.  The baby went from the size of a lemon last week, to a naval orange this week.  No wonder Kennedy tells me I'm getting fatter.

Dear Sadness and Grief, You are serving as a constant reminder to me to be happy, grateful, and make sure the people in my life know that I love them.  Life is far too short and fragile to get caught up in the weather, the monotony of work, and other unimportant things.

Dear Ryan, Our conversation topics are obviously evolving.  I think it's quite hysterical that we talk about baby stuff while watching American Ninja Warrior.

Take Luck,


  1. Um, yes!!! Star Wars marathon is on like Donkey Kong, lady! I love your Kenny stories. That kid And so do your convos with your hubby. (PS do you remember watching American Warrior Ninjas before it was on network TV when we visited you last August?!? I about died when I saw it on primetime this summer!)

    1. Kennedy is a hoot, and I don't have the slightest clue where she comes up with half of it. I totally remember watching American Ninja Warrior with you two last summer!!! That feels like so long ago :( I miss you tons!!

  2. 5 am. Shut UP. No way could I do that.

    My mamma always says to "Make your own Sunshine" :) Easier said than done, but that's what I try and remember when sadness comes my way.

    1. 5am is tough stuff, fo sho.

      Your mamma is absolutely right. I'm looking for sunshine when supporting friends who recently miscarried, and grieving the loss of a long time friend (see Sarah's recent post). The sunshine is that our friends can try again and it will make that baby even more of a blessing, and now our friend Chelsea isn't in pain anymore. It's all relative and makes the "important" things in life not seem as important.

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