Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Thinking...

Some thoughts have been swirling today.

Being sick is one thing.  Being sick while on travel is an entirely different story.  It sucks and quite frankly, is embarrassing.  I woke up yesterday morning feeling funky and ended up getting sick once we got to our conference destination.  My supervisor was kind enough to drag my patooty back to the hotel so I could hug the toilet in peace.

[San Diego Zoo]
Is amazingly amazing.  I spent the morning there on Sunday and even though I felt like a complete weird-o being there alone, amongst all the cute families... I enjoyed myself.  A lot of the animals seemed to still be snoozing.  I think the elephant in the picture was annoyed with his playmates.

We have yet to enter the smartphone world.  If you don't have a smartphone... Does that mean you have a stupidphone?  

Hubby and I saw Contagion on Saturday before I flew to San Diego.  I enjoyed it, even though I was totally creeped out.  Do not see this movie if you are a germ-a-phob or have tendencies of feeling paranoid.  Is it ironic that during the movie, some old man was hacking up a lung in the row in front of us?  I think so.

[Day of Birth]
My birthday is coming up.  Is 26 still considered mid-20's?

My approaching birthday = approaching nephew!  Only 5 1/2 more weeks (ish) til my sweet sister-in-law Cara will welcome a baby boy.  I. Can't. Wait.

[Morning Glory]
Recently watched Morning Glory on Netflix after my Tiffer recommended it.  I loved it.  I love Rachel McAdams, and definitely wasn't disappointed.  I even laughed out loud a little bit.

[Rudy Tudy]
I love sitting next to rude people in a meeting.  What's more - I love sitting next to rude people in a meeting who are people with power/authority, and think its OK to be rudy tudy because of the powerfulness. I'm not positive but I think it is common courtesy to silence your cell phone/Blackberry while others are making presentations... Even if you are a Navy Commander.  Sheesh!

I love how they say aboot.

That is all.

Take Luck,


  1. HATE being sick...hope ur better now. :-)
    Cant wait to see Contagion.
    I love Canadians too - so much so that I married one! :-)
    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. hope you're feeling better :) I went to the aquarium in Chatanooga by myself when I was there for work. I felt the same way, but it was totally worth see it too. Oh, and 26 is mid-twenties. Once we are out of our mid-twenties, we'll be twenty-something-year-olds for the next 15 years ;)


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