Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 8: Dexter

Day 8: What is one of your favorite TV shows?  Explain.

Well, since my dearest Sar already explained her love for The Big Bang Theory (and much better than I would have, by the way), I will discuss my other favorite show - Dexter.


And what do ya know - Season 6 starts on Sunday, October 2nd!

Woot. Woot.

Dexter follows Dexter (duh!) Morgan, a blood spatter analyst with Miami Metro P.D.  

Dexter has a secret, or dark passenger.

He's a serial killer.

Don't misunderstand... He isn't a bad guy.  But a vigilante of sorts who goes after the bad guys (or gals) that continue to get away with crimes or somehow evade conviction.  Dexter follows a code that his father Harry taught him once he realized Dexter carried such a dark passenger.

Each season has featured one special guest bad guy - someone that Dexter has to (sometimes) get to know and stalk/track down by using his experience and access to information at Miami Metro P.D.  For example, the Ice Truck Killer, crazy Lila, Jimmy Smits was (District Attorney) Miguel Prado, The Skinner, John Lithgow was The Trinity Killer and last season wrapped with motivational speaker Jordan Chase.

Did I mention that no one around Dexter knows that he is who he is?

Not even his sister, Deb, who is a detective at Miami Metro.


This show is super addicting and suspenseful.  

Dexter has gotten himself close to being caught more than a lot of times.  But it seems like every time he just barely slips away without losing his secret.

I don't want to give up/away too many details, but you should totally start from Season 1 and catch up.

I can't wait for this new season to start!

Take Luck,


  1. I haven't watched it since Rita was killed (that's a lie, I think I saw all the way through John Lithgow's killing), but I can't keep up when I don't have Showtime. He's such a clear example of psychopathy though, it's friggin' fascinating from a psychological perspective. Awesome.

  2. Oh My God I LOVE Dexter!!! Such an amazing show!!


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