Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 15: High & Low

Day 15: What were your highs and lows of this past month?

I have to say I surprised myself by making it through this whole challenge, and unscathed.  Blogging everyday is not easy.

- Hosting Ryan's Aunt Debbie, Uncle Dave and Izzy
- Hearing news that our friends are expecting their first baby
- Ending a long string of traveling for work
- Knocking down week after week of Stats
- Counting down days to our trip to St. Louis

- My team lead at work lost his son, 21, in a motorcycle accident.  The remarkable thing has been seeing our team come together to support him and his family.
- Feeling unmotivated at work

Overall, I would say that this month has been a good one.

Any other lows I might list would be insignificant and selfish.  Right now, I feel really lucky and happy to say that I (and we!) had a great month.

Take Luck,

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