Sunday, September 4, 2011

Football Bust

My Dad is a die hard Husky fan.  Die hard.

He has been a season ticket holder and Tyee member now for 78 years.

Just kidding.

Not that long, but a long time.

On Saturday, Daddio was unable to go to the season opener against Eastern Washington - so he offered up his tickets to Ryan and I, and we accepted.

We headed over to Seattle and planned on having lunch with Mom, Debbie and Dave, and showing them around Pike Place Market before heading to UW.  We ate lunch, and decided we better just head to the stadium since we were unsure where we'd find parking (and not pay out the wazzu for it).  After searching for awhile, we finally found a parking garage that was a good mile and a half from the football stadium.

By this time, we were already late and clearly were missing kickoff.  We walked through UW's beautiful campus and I had an extra bounce in my step because I really had to pee.  Ryan kept telling me, "We're almost there!  We're almost there!" and finally - we were.

I feel it is appropriate here to mention that I feel like I am always sharing stories that are dramatic or seem dramatic by the way I tell them.  I am not a dramatic person.  So I apologize if you find yourself thinking I'm a drama queen.

Since we were so late (ahem, 45 minutes late), there was no one waiting in line to enter the stadium.  We strolled on up with our tickets and I put my bag/purse on the table to be checked out without a second thought.  Because we were so late, there were oodles of ticket-scanners and bag-checkers just standing around.

Two girls (both were around 20 years old) looked in my bag (where I of course had my camera) and one immediately said:

"Uh, honey... This camera has a detachable lens.  You can't bring it into the stadium."

My response was, "First of all, I am not a honey.  And second of all, why not?"

She replied, "Because it has a detachable lens.  I'm sorry, honey"

I had to pee.  Really bad.  And we had just booked it a mile and half.

"Do not call me honey.  Are you telling me I need to walk this back to the car in order to come in?"

Her last words, "Yeah, honey.  I'm sorry."

"STOP CALLING ME HONEY!  Let's go, Ryan."

I also gave her the look.

I don't know about you, but someone who is younger than me, is technically in a position of "power" calling me honey, and in a totally condescending tone - really pissed me off.  

I am not an angry person.  I don't usually get mad.  Even Ryan made a comment that that was the first time he had seen me raging mad.  Or mad period.

We turned around and trudged back to the car... Moping.  And mad.

And I still had to pee.

I made the mistake of calling my little sister while I was still fuming, and while she tried to offer suggestions that I didn't want to hear - I got even more angry and hung up on her.

I don't do things like that.

Then I started worrying about what Daddio would say.  I figured he would be mad at us for being late, for everything that had happened, and for us deciding it wasn't worth walking three miles to drop the camera off at the car and going back to the stadium.

We talked about this whole thing the whole way home, and are still talking about it today.  We've come to the conclusion that if I didn't get so mad, and we were thinking more clearly, we could have possibly come up with a few alternative options.

[1] Find another entry gate.

[2] Show the stupid honey girl that I was not carrying any other lens - let alone a super-sonic telephoto lens that could produce any super-awesome pictures.

Like I said earlier, I apologize if this (or anything else I write) seems overly dramatic.  I just tell it like I feel it.

And now that I've written it down... I can move on.


Take Luck,


  1. I'm so angry for you! I'm 99% positive that you can bring in a DSLR, you just can't bring a lens over a certain number of inches (that's the normal rule for professional and college sports). Usually kit lenses or a 50mm (I'm assuming you had your kit lens on your DSLR?) are perfectly fine. For future reference, I just searched around UW's website and nowhere does it say that you can't bring in a camera with a detachable website. If this ever happened again, go all the way to another gate, and if they still try to stop you, whip out your smart phone and tell them nowhere does it state that you can't bring in your camera. Tell them you're clearly not a professional photographer and you're not taking pictures to sell them.

    Google searching again, and I found from the ticket office that "large still cameras" are not allowed. Yours is an entry level DSLR with an introductory NON-TELEPHOTO lens, so it shouldn't have been a problem.


    Also, I completely agree regarding the use of "honey." I feel similarly about "sweetheart." "Sweetheart, do you need anything?" "Yeah, for you to either call me Miss, ma'am, or nothing at all."

  2. Sar, I was piiiiissed. And I knew that arguing with these girls about my lens (it was part of a kit like you said - 55mm) was going to be a complete waste of time. I have taken this camera to every Mariner game this year, and it has never been an issue. Ughhhh!!

    Thanks for all your research :) It's good to know that I was so angry and for a good reason!!

  3. So annoying! Also, just FYI, I miss you! <3


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