Saturday, September 3, 2011


Ryan and I got Miss Sonny is November of 2008 from some lady in Red Bud, Illinois.  We went there the first time to look at some 8-week pups that were black and tan.  I wasn't totally in love with them, but I was going to choose a small male.  I think the woman could sense my indecisiveness and she mentioned she had a young litter of chocolate and tan puppies, and had one left to sell.

She brought out a little tiny thing, and we were in love.

Sonny still needed to be with Mommy, so we were told to call in a few weeks and see how she was doing.  Just before Thanksgiving, she was ready.

We had Thanksgiving dinner over at Ryan's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Dave's house, and because Sonny was so little teeny tiny, we brought her along.  Ryan's Aunt Debbie was immediately over-the-moon for this little lady, and so was everyone else.  Except for Uncle Dave, who I think on more than one occasion said, "Thanks a lot, Lauren." 

Sorry, Dave.

I ended up giving Debbie the lady's contact info and she called to see if there were any more puppies available from Sonny's litter.

There was.  Just one.

The family had planned on keeping her for themselves, but were willing to sell her, too!

Flash forward to September 2011, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Dave are in town visiting from Illinois, and guess who they brought?

I don't think the two ladies quite remember each other like they did once upon a time.  But they have certainly warmed up to each other and are wrestling and following each other around all the time.  They are pretty hard to tell apart sometimes - except when Izzy has on her orange sweater.

It's pretty darn cute.

Hey, this is my couch, woman!
Uh, she's in my spot!
Izzy on Sonny's favorite spot on the couch
Aunt Debbie loving on Sonny... And Sonny loving it
Take Luck,

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