Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 3: Hopeful

Day 3: Discuss how you hope your future will be.

The future.
I think about our future every day.

I really love saying our future.

When I think about our future, I think about a lot of things.  But in hopes of not producing another 30-something list... I can lump it all into five groups:

 family, happiness, success, health and love.

It is no secret that we want a family.  It's also no secret that we want to start a family soon.  Ryan would become a Daddy like, yesterday (which I must admit just melts my heart) if it was up to him.  Even though I have serious baby fever, I am the one that is putting the brakes on the cherub creating.

I want to make sure that we have enough we time, before we make the commitment to raising a child.  I know there is no perfect time to create and raise kids.  I just don't want it to happen, have our life change (I've heard that happens...) and Ryan say (or worse, feels), "I wish we would have waited longer."

My hope is that whenever that time comes for us, I want our kiddos to have fantastic relationships with their grandparents, like I had with my Grammy.  I want to raise our kids to know discipline, know love, be respectful, and quite possibly above all - have some darn manners.

I am a happy lady.  I hope to make the most of each day - even the bad ones.  The bad days make you appreciate the good days.

I don't mean I want to be successful and make lots of money in my future.  Money and wealth doesn't define my happiness, or success.  Success in my future would mean continuing to grow as an individual, while growing in my marriage to Ryan.  It would mean starting a family and raising our kids to be humble and self-respecting people.  It would mean having a career and along with Ryan, being a provider for our family.

It seems today that it's not a matter of if you will become seriously ill in your lifetime, but a matter of when and what the problem will be.  I have some health problems, but in the big scheme of things - they are small potatoes.  My hope would be that Ryan and I continue to be active and make our health and wellness a priority - and pass those priorities onto our kids.  I figure - control the parts of your life you actually have control over.

finally, [Love]
I hope love is always apart of my life.

Take Luck,

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