Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 9: Fascinate Me

Day 9: Describe someone who fascinates you.

Aside from loving hubby and family, I honestly cannot say that I am fascinated by one particular person.

Instead, there are types or qualities of people that fascinate or inspire me.  These tend to be areas in which I lack.

I am inspired by those with unyielding faith.

I am a risk taker to a small degree, but otherwise I like to play it safe.  I am fascinated by those who place big bets and take leaps of faith.

I truly admire people who redeem themselves.  Whether they have had a rough time by their own hand, or just ran a course of bad luck... Those that make a change (or many changes) to turn their lives around for the better inspire me.

Some people just have the leader quality embedded in their DNA.  I am fascinated by those who can lead, motivate and influence others.

I am fascinated by those who rebel or reject the status quo or whatever it is they know to be wrong - even if they are standing alone.

I am fascinated (and its debatable whether it is a good or bad fascination) by Mommas who have oodles of babies and still manage to keep it together.  I figure - if they can wrangle that many... I will survive with wrangling a few.

[Defying Odds]
Not surprisingly, I am fascinated by those who defy the odds or surpass boundaries that have been put on them.

I am fascinated by the intelligent.  I may not have a friggin' clue what they are talking about.  But the fact that they know so much about something I know absolutely nothing about - amazes me.

 I think that about covers it.

At least, for now.

Take Luck,

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  1. Love the spin on this! :) Good traits, Lauren!


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