Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Monday

I just can't resist another link up opportunity.  This time, with Megan at Happy Day.

Dear Monday, Not going to lie you kinda sorta sucked.  The mood at work was pretty somber, and I thought I was going to go a little coo-coo if I sat at my desk any longer.

Dear God, You are frustrating me.

Dear Brock & Sonny, Your jumping and tail wagging picks me up and out of any funk.

Dear Platelet Count, I am seriously hoping you will be cooperative tomorrow.

Dear Writers of Grey's Anatomy, I hate to say that I feel our relationship may be fizzling.  Deep down I know you will always have my heart, but let's just say that I need some affirmation that this is a give-and-take understanding.

Dear Hubby, I just love you completely.

Take Luck,


  1. So glad you decided to link up with me at Happy Day! Sorry your Monday had less wow factor than it should have! And I totallllyyy agreeee with you about Grey's Anatomy... season premiere left much to be desired. Hope the rest of your week picks up! :)

  2. So true about Grey's.. I once had such a strong love for the show, but's becoming a bit hard to stay committed, especially when there are so many other great tv shows.

    Sorry your Monday sucked too...according to Facebook and blogger, something must have been in the air.

    Here's to a terrific Tuesday. :)


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