Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Point No Point

On Monday, I drove Danny and Chris (Brock and Sonny too) up north to Point No Point.  The weather was weird (semi-sunny and humid/muggy) and I thought it might be the best opportunity for us to take a stroll on the beach. 

View to West of Point No Point
Driftwood castle
On a clear day - you can see Seattle just over the rock
The driftwood reminded me of a sea monster
Darn wieny kept looking away from me
Chris and Broccoli

Don't worry - Be happy!
He was lovin' it
Sonny being difficult
Point No Point Lighthouse

We had a great walk down the beach and back.  When we were almost back to our starting point, I just happened to look out at the right moment and see a grey whale's tail surface and go back into the water.  Danny and Chris just missed it, so we stood there watching for a bit and ended up seeing what I think was a small pod of greys.  It was pretty neat, and I gave myself a little pat-on-the-back for taking them up there and being able to see something like that.

The patting-of-the-back quickly stopped and became more of a slapping-on-the-forehead when we got back to the car and I reached in my jacket pocket for my keys.

No keys.

Panic set in and I began seeing "WTF!?!" flashing in my head (and certainly not in a what the feedback way).  I knew my keys weren't in the car, because I couldn't have locked it otherwise.  And I distinctly remembered turning around and re-locking the car once we hit the beach - just to be sure.  

Danny and Chris decided they would retrace our steps, while I stayed there with the pups.  The poor dogs were so thirsty and Brock had spit all over hisself.  Of course - the towels and water were in the car.  

Score two more points for Lauren.

I think Brock and Sonny shared my thoughts about the whole debacle.  We sat down on a bench to wait and they were so embarrassed - they wouldn't even look at me. 

Embarrassed childrens

I also text Ryan to tell him what happened.  

Our conversation went something like...

Me: I lost my keys on Point No Point.
Ryan: Are you kidding me?
Me: No. I wish.
Ryan: Lauren, you are kidding me right?
Me: I would not joke with you about something like this... For this long.
Ryan: Let me know when you find them.
Me: I hope I get to do that.

Not too much time went by and I heard the glorious and familiar meep meep of the Forester unlocking.  Some other beach-goers had found my keys in the sand right where we had decided to turn around.  We think that when we were climbing over/under some of the massive drift wood, that my keys fell out and we didn't hear them hit the sand.

Talk about an interesting and unintentionally-over-interesting trip to the beach.

Take Luck,


  1. You will have many, many more opportunities to embarrass your children. I do it all the time. I'm so glad you got to take them to one of my very most favorite locations. And very happy that they found your keys.

  2. Looove the photos! Can we add that to the list of things to do when we visit? Your mama can come too since it's her fav spot!


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