Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love Letter

Dear Mr. Peters,

We just had a riveting discussion on the terminology used to describe a baseball bat, and the difference in the terminology used to describe a golf club.

Just so we're clear, neither of the words heel or toe are involved when describing a bat.

Your toe is a bat head and your heel is a knob.  

If we were to use terminology like you crazy golfers, baseball and softball coaches alike would be using phrases such as "Keep your toe up," and "Throw your heel at the ball."  

That could get really confusing.  

Can you imagine kids' reactions when hearing these coaching tips?  They would probably take the advice literally and either be prancing around like ballerinas in the batter's box with their toe up, or walking on their heels to "keep their toes up."  And then, they might try karate kicking the ball as it is being pitched toward them to "throw their heel at the ball."

Silly, Ryan.

I know you were just kidding, but I wanted to document and remember this conversation.  I love our discussions and debates about the most random stuff.  I love being silly with you. 

And I like when I'm right. 


Take Luck,

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