Friday, June 3, 2011

M's Game

Last night we headed over to Seattle with my parents to the Mariner/Tampa Bay Devil Rays game.  My little sister, Rachel and her friend Sarah joined us too!  We stopped on the way to Safeco at Swannie's in Pioneer Square for some drinks and dinner.

Rachel and Sarah

Hubby and Jack

Daddio and Ry-Guy

Meemaw and Pappy


Jager Bomb



Ohhh yeah!

   We couldn't believe how empty the stadium was.  Ryan and I spent our paycheck buying two beers at the concession stand (just kidding).  Rachel and Sarah went after us and apparently they were out of the domestic (cheap) draft beer - Miller Lite.  When they came back to the seats Rachel said, "How could they be out?  There's only 200 people here!"  There were more than 200 people there, but it was pretty funny.  Sarah, Rachel, Ryan and I spent the game being entertained by the game on the field... And each other.  Luckily, there weren't many fans around us so our constantly inappropriate chatter wasn't bothering anyone.  It's a possibility that our child someday may have the initials QCP.

Outside the stadium

View from seats


7th inning stretch

Take me out to the ballgame

My favorites

 We had a fantastic time and the Mariners beat Tampa Bay 8-2!  Ryan and I have tickets to three more games this season - one of which is when Tiffer and Ryan are visiting from Indiana!!  Woohoo!!

Take Luck,

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